snowball-effectSo the non-fiction thing I wrote about last time, seems to have snowballed, I have been doing a load of research and have mostly put my paper proposal together, I though I had referees then it turned out one was unable to do it through no fault of their own, (well maybe the underlying fault is theirs but it is nothing I blame them for or should). It turns out though they had an interesting replacement idea and I will pursue that this week to see how far it all goes. Deadline is getting closer and that is good and bad, I’ve done most of it but there are a few things I haven’t been able to narrow down as much as the application wants me to, and I suppose that is the one place where having more time would have been better, but with more time I may have talked myself out of it.
On the other hand, having this project to focus on has also had the side effect of me actually getting more of my novel written. Somehow working on one is making it possible to work on two. I spend so much time with my head in research that it is a joy to pull my head out, even for a few moments and get just a few sentences or half a page down.
This is not a bad thing me thinks.
Lets just hope I am up to the challenge I seem to have put before myself.