It seems that whilst I’m focussed on this non-fiction thing, the back of my mind is totally elsewhere. My novel is very much churning around in there, so much so that I sat down to do my first computer version and the missing scenes just flowed. Then there is another idea floating around in the ether somewhere there that keeps popping up periodically, I almost grasp it and it floats away. I think it will become something but I’m not sure yet.
The thing that has been hanging at the forefront of my mind is money. Money has very little to do with being creative. It really doesn’t, unless you happen to be one of the lucky few. The truth is as much as I write for myself and because I simply can’t not write, I would like nothing more than to see my income supplemented by what I create. I have so many goals, so many things I want to get done, I try to focus I wish I could be more productive. I wish I could find that elusive ‘it’, whatever that happens to be, which would mean I go viral with some story. It’s a very possible thing in this day and age. Possible doesn’t mean likely though, but still a girl has got to dream.
Back in the real world though, I continue to write for me, because I have a story or three inside me that just needs to be told.