So, the research thing never got the go ahead.
I shrugged, really wasn’t all that surprised, I knew it was never going to be a popular topic, it’s just not a pretty one or one people like to think about. Sustainable agriculture, economics, anything to do with making money, these are all marketable topics, things people are happy to talk about. Corrections – well lets face it, most people would be quiet happy to ignore it or criticise it, they aren’t all that interested in finding a way forward for dealing with the ‘dregs’ of society.
Still I’ve not given up on the concept entirely, in this age of electronic formats, and self publishing there are many, many options.
As the saying goes though, one door closes another one opens.
I had that opportunity recently that many aspiring writers dream about. The 30 second pitch. Okay so in my case it was a little different, it sprung from a conversation I was having about other books and the writing process but it is still a foot in a door where previously there was no foot. In fact I hadn’t even been looking for that door because let’s face it, when you have a day job and can only write a bit at a time, you think way more about self publishing than traditional. Truthfully, I don’t know if it will lead anywhere but it is another step forward. A little piece of encouragement and as a writer we all know we grab onto those little bits of encouragement and hold on tight. They may be what sustains us through our next chapter and the one after that.
I’ll keep you updated, if and when.