There were some days I wasn’t sure I’d say that. I mean logically you know if you keep writing the day has to come but for the last little while it has felt like the most daunting thing.
In fact until the day I actually finished I was thinking of another couple of scenes, until I ditched them after realising they really weren’t necessary.
So what next?
Well for me that means putting it all into my computer. See I am one of those strange creatures who has to do their initial copy as pen to paper. I just somehow work better that way. So really once it’s on the computer I’ve done my first edit, having played with a few things, discarded others and made some little changes. I don’t know that I would ever say it’s better though. Once I’ve gotten to this stage I then have to be brutal, bits need cutting, other scenes need extending, details need clarity and in some cases yes characters now need to be given names because **** is no longer acceptable.
Still I very much feel as though I have accomplished something because the whole story is now there, sure it’s really rough but it’s there, a beginning, middle and end.
Of course as I’ve been working through this the project has developed into three books. I never wanted 3 because it felt so cliched but what are you going to do, the story works well in three acts it’s balanced that way. Now I will be getting my last 50 pages down and meanwhile the rest of the story is circling around in my mind waiting for it’s turn to be let loose.