I did it. I hit the 50 000 words.

So now I have a completed set of short stories that I am doing my last edit on before I give to a beta reader and read aloud to my hubby (it has proven to be a very useful form of editing and he had dyslexia so reading isn’t his thing).

I also have the first draft of the first book of my new series, which I’m thrilled to have written. It was a book I had started but gotten stuck on and had my breakthrough when I figured out what rewrite I needed to do. And it worked and I am really happy with the way it is beginning to form. Beginning because first draft is always very rough and unformed.

Then today just when I was getting ready to get stuck into editing mode and type my new book into a document, yes I write my first drafts by hand, I find it a better creative process for me, I new idea came and I got roughly 2000 words down for that.

All in all I have to say that creatively my leave time from work has been very productive.