I could have sworn it wasn’t two months since I’d written here. Apparently I was wrong.

Still I have been very busy creatively, writing and writing whenever I get the chance. I finished the novel I wrote for NaNo, edited it and submitted it for a competition. I really wasn’t sure I would hit the deadline. But I did.

As far as work goes, I had been acting in a more senior position and so many people wanted me to apply for the job permanently, even my boss, thing is the flexibility of my normal job, and the less stress are so much better for me, especially as I have decided that this year my focus is on the creative.

To that end not only have I stepped back at work, but I have also started auditioning again. Like I said, focus on the creative.

So where am I writing wise, well one novel is in competition limbo, the short stories need their read aloud edit then they will be almost ready for publication, and I’ve started the second book in the new series.


I’ve decided that I will put some of my short stories and poetry out there. I would love for people to read and share the with other readers so please follow the link to my new Vocal Media account. My goal is to post at least a piece a week. It’s one way for me to hopefully widen my fan base.