My last post I shared my new writing endeavour with Vocal and I want to continue on that.

I am finding this venture fun, also good for my writing ego because even though it isn’t a lot of money, I can see the reads and get paid as I go along. Paid not just for reads, but for engagement with others and posting.

Sure, I can’t deny it was the big payday that encouraged me to get involved and that didn’t happen, not surprising for a number of reasons. I have found over the years that my writing style isn’t necessarily the sort that wins competitions. This isn’t news to me, I’ve submitted to a bunch of comps over the years because there is an element of accomplishment and well of course acceptance that comes with such results, and I’ve never come anywhere.

Well except for the big one when I made the first cut for a novel comp. It was enough to give me the strength to keep going. Then of course I don’t really know how to stop. I feel all out of sorts if I don’t write.

Anyway moving on.

I’ve since published three fantasy novels check the first one out here, and feel free to buy the rest as well.

And a convention stories memoir of sorts here.

I am currently working on book two of my second series as book one sits in competition limbo. Meanwhile just to break things up I’ve found Vocal. It’s random competitions as writing prompts and the community make it a wonderful little side track for me. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Of course I really wish I could get the thousands of reads others are getting and truth be told I have no real idea how to do that, but I’m still enjoying it. For me it has become something of a palate cleanser. I have my big projects but to clear my head on days I work or when I only have a little time, these projects are perfect, and it gave me the chance to write a legacy piece for my mother.

I tried other platforms but nothing seemed to really work. There were different reasons why, some offered just a place to put your work with limited engagement chances and certainly no financial incentive, others just aren’t the right sort of design for an author, works for other creatives just not so much for writers.

So I have found Vocal. It doesn’t mean I’m about to stop my other projects, especially being as I’m about to be on leave from work for a month, but I’m going to keep adding Vocal stuff to my writing regime. So far I’ve written short stories that are deep, thought provoking, some non-fiction topics and even stories that are hopefully entertaining. If you didn’t click the link at the top and would like to check my stuff out, do it here. If you like anything you read, heart it and I won’t say no to anyone who wants to tip me either.

Peace out and for all you writers, may the words keep flowing.