So my work isn’t even close to my happy place at the moment and hasn’t been for a while. I simply want to write. It’s what makes me happy.

I have almost finished my four weeks leave from work and I have hit my writing goals out of the park. To be honest I wasn’t sure I was going to get there. I wasn’t sure they were realistic and maybe I thought I should focus on something outside myself (though if I’m living in a created world don’t that count as outside myself?)

Thing is I figured getting my short stories done and to the point I could send them to a beta reader was a pretty realistic goal, considering the initial drafts had been done and they just needed a couple of rounds of editing, one just me and my pen and the other reading aloud to hubby, (which I guess makes him another beta reader).


Then just for fun he threw a spanner in the works when he said he wanted to know more about something, so I ended up writing a real short (not even 4000 words) which will end up in the collection as well.

I also have really been in the zone for the new series. Once I’d put all my previous draft into the computer and caught back up with all those characters, who by the way are soooooo different to those in the short stories, I just had to keep writing. The words flowed and every day I surpassed my goal of 2000 words, which I arbitrarily selected as it it fractionally more than the NaNo word count goal.

bat and baseball

Yesterday I hit a point where I thought I was close to the end and hoped I’d hit it today, but was worried I wouldn’t hit the right ballpark for the word count, I have a set number in my head for what I want my books to be.

Today it seemed to come slow at first, then it just poured, and I was a few pages shy at the end from where I hoped my first draft would be, but the thing is this is just my first draft.

The way I write means I don’t plan, I did try that once, just didn’t work for me. I write where my characters tell me they need to go. The first run through is with pen on paper that is how I create best. The advantage is my drafts can be hastily scrawled, as long as I can read my weird combination of writing and shorthand, and it doesn’t have to be close to correct spelling and absolute sense, some sections really are just the gist.

This means that though I was several pages short of my intended goal, I shouldn’t be too worried because I always flesh things out in the process of page to digital. And by the time it is all in a digital file I will know how much I need to add and more to the point the places where I need to add.

Tonight I worked out that this will be my seventh book. I have four already published, and now three in various stages heading towards that. This is a pretty good place to be in considering last year was the first year I hadn’t published since I put my first book out.

Here’s the really strange thing though, the other night, out of nowhere the start of book three came to me. My problem is I have to go back to work next week. Unless someone wants to me my patron…