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So a lovely person suggested I do a couple of things to help me navigate these early steps that seem so rocky. One I did straight away, added the link to the previous post, I’d left it out to try and be inclusive but that really was rather silly, people are more than capable of getting themselves to from one site to another. Then I realised I’d already half done the other suggestion. I have in fact set up a dedicated author email address, the only place I’d posted it though was my Author page on Facebook, which was rather an oversight, so thank you for pointing it out.

So if you want to engage please feel free to contact me through:

And Time Flies

So, I have been flat out busy. Work, SupaNova and writing. It is awesome and I am now on leave, which means more writing can get done. That is awesome. I am really looking forward to it. Quality time with my family and plenty of time to sink into a fantasy world or three. I have three story ideas to play with and loads of reading to catch up on.
Then of course there is Christmas.
I will of course write a proper post or four while I’m not juggling work along with everything else. So stay tuned.


Wow, I really didn’t realise that it had been so long since I posted here. Things are moving along at a cracking pace. I wish I could say the same about my writing, I mean it is going but not at a cracking pace.
However I have gotten some difficult scenes out of the way and so there is flow once again on my main project. There is also movement on a couple of side projects as well. Unfortunately work interferes with my well intentioned writing plans. Life is good though and to be honest I’m happy that I am at least getting pen to paper on a regular basis and that after all is part of what makes a person a writer. I just sometimes wish there were more hours in a day. I know that I would fit more writing in if I watched less tv or movies but that is unlikely to happen, especially seeing as I often work out whilst watching the screen, and after a 12 hr shift at work I just need to tune out for a while.
I have good intentions but those good intentions are not going to get my books finished. I need to narrow my focus and finish something, anything, just one of my on going projects.
With that in mind I should probably get off here and get my head back in the game. Of course it would help I didn’t also spend time reading, but that is never going to happen.

Finding Time

That’s the thing. I’ve been busy shifting house. It is such a drain on the time. Sure it only takes a few days to shift most of your stuff (though we have quite a bit of stuff). Then you have to clean the old place. Then you spend the next few weeks just trying to get the new place to where it feels like home.
We’re almost at that stage.
A part of me is excited to get back into writing, a big part of me because I’ve barely put pen to paper for three weeks. Oh for that moment when the boxes are finally gone.

I Wrote This Week

Those words may seem insignificant but for me they are huge. I don’t mean I wrote a few hundred words I mean I got over a couple of thousand down. This was such a great feeling.

Just being able to start to sink myself again into Evayn and her life and to be able to give her more than a passing thought.

I’m starting to fill up again on my world, my characters, people who mean something to me, even if they don’t to anyone else yet.

Actually I probably am at a point where I need to strip everything off my desk again and reorganise it.

I am also just about ready to send off my sample to the person who is going to hopefully give me some good feedback. As writers it is hard to hand stuff over sometimes. Friends will often be kind to you (I have some good ones who are honest and wield a red pen when necessary) a complete stranger has no reason not to tell you what you’ve put in front of them is complete shit. Getting feedback like that is something that I fret a little about though to be honest I try not to. Getting good feedback though gives you a little boost. It can kickstart a lagging drive. It can help you push through the thing that is keeping you from your muse.

The hope of positive feedback still doesn’t make it easy to hand stuff over. So think of me as I take that somewhat difficult step this week.

I will keep you up dated, even if it is just to say “I suck….and I am throwing a pity party”, then I’ll snap out of it and get on with the real task of putting pen to paper (fingers to keyboard).

Looking Forward

At the moment what I am looking forward to the most is finishing my current job and getting a week and a half break. Now I am sure if I’m not careful I will waste that precious time but my intention at the moment is to ring every second of writing out of that time that I can.

A whole week where the kids are at school and I can sit in my office and write. Do you have any idea how good that sounds to me right at this moment? Sure I get in here every day and even get a bit of writing done, mostly though it is to do with my review sites.

Also I do manage to write something most days that is creative but it is happening piecemeal and the chance to sit and string it all together making something cohesive is time to be treasured. Don’t get me wrong I love my family, I have a great family they tolerate all the hours I spend at home reading and writing, but it can be hard to spend large chunks of time pursuing my writing when I need to spend time being mummy. They don’t understand quite how an interruption can disrupt the flow.

I was going to apply for an online writing job so I could hopefully get a little money from my writing but the job closed before I could apply. I guess a few other people have the same idea. Looking at it though, I so don’t have the time to add anything else to my already busy schedule.

Here’s a brief glimpse at my life:



Work almost full time

Train – running, weights, boxing

Writing two main projects


Reviewing for two blogs

Writing for two others

Rehearsing for a play

I am woman hear me… try to juggle these flaming clubs.

Just For The Hell Of It

Just for the hell of it I have decided to enter a YA pitch competition hosted at YAtopia. As I follow the  blog I now just need to post this blog about entering and submit my two sentence pitch.

It’s an interesting thought, condensing a novel into two sentences. Then again it’s also a really good challenge and something I can see me printing up and putting on my board in front of me to keep me on track. So here I go, I was planing on putting a lot of time in on my writing during my two weeks off, and this gives me some major motivation to do just that.



This week has been a bit frantic. I have spent the week working on my kids’s books website. I plan to have reviews, some of which I’ve got up already, as well as other things. It has kept me really busy. You can check it out here, it’s called TheKylieVerse.

I have also been trying to get some writing in. The thing I really wanted to say in this entry is that it is going to be short and sweet as I am on holiday for two weeks so I may be absent, depending how certain things shake out. Thanks for bearing with me though and I will be back soon.

Storm in a Teacup

Last week there was a bit of a storm in a tea cup in the world of YA fiction. I say in a teacup because in the grand scheme of things very few would even have noticed the ripple.

An organisation published a list of their top YA reads for certain readers. So far so good. The problem was they actually didn’t read all the books they put on the list and after one comment about a particular title, they read it, discussed and removed it from the list. Firstly I’m not sure you can read something objectively with loud negatives ringing in your ears but thats what they did. Secondly what were they doing recommending books they hadn’t read? I don’t at work. I will say if something sells well but I won’t say it’s worth reading unless I’ve read it. Yes I know how very subjective and I make no apologies for that.

In the end they removed three titles and I have to say all it did was move two of those titles from my ‘I’ll get around to it list’, to my ‘must grab it and read’ list. The storm didn’t end there though because some authors found out what they had done and in protest asked for their books to be removed from the list. To be honest if I was in their position I probably would have done the same, but someone had the gall to say they shouldn’t get worked up about it and demand these things. To which there was a very good reply from one of the authors, ‘my name is on the product I should get to choose if I want to be associated with such an organisation’. Once again I totally agree with the author.

All of which really just points out to me that if you’re going to put together a recommends list make sure you know what you are actually recommending.

Note to self : when I eventually get around to doing my own lists for those who ask – and yes I get asked – make sure I read anything I recommend. Wow, like the pile of books on my to read list is that small.

And A Happy New Year To You

This year has bought with it many highs and lows and to be honest a lot of the slog in between. So I sit here now with the girls in bed hubby at a gig and contemplating what next year may bring with it. Yes I had some success with writing this year top 40 out of 260 is pretty good, but it’s not enough, I want more.

Making some networking contacts with authors and publishing houses was good, important but still I want there to be more to it.

I’m not sure it’s possible to read many more books though I certainly gave that an awesome shot this year.

So next year will see me continuing to work hard on my writing, and hopefully contain more acting. I wish you all the best for the coming year and once this weekend is done things around here will probably get back to some semblance of order.