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It’s Flowing

That sums it all up really. I am finally getting into both some sort of routine and some amount of productivity. This is a great feeling. I love writing, the whole process. I love the way things come together and I really love it when my characters surprise me. Now the trick is to keep up the momentum.
The problem with being a writer who actually has to do a regular job as well it that when life throws you a curve ball you have to adapt quickly or any flow you have going gets disrupted. My trick now is to keep it all going and continue writing while trying to fit in overtime at work to cope with certain changes we have to make.
Geez being creative can be a vicious bitch sometimes. I guess if I wasn’t passionate about it and my characters I could let it fall by the wayside but I’m sure life would be a tad more boring if I did that. Not to mention the fact I have tried to give up the writing addiction before and it truly didn’t stick. Am writer must write. These characters just won’t stay in my head they fight to be out there.

Tempus Fugit

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I wrote anything here.

I guess when you start a new job it is easy to let things get a little away from you.

It has been really nice to transition from study to on the job but I’m still trying to settle into things, like actual days off with no kids around, which actually won’t last long because it’s nearly summer holidays.

In the time since the last entry I have given a speech that I wrote at my graduation ceremony and it was in poem form so it was a little nerve wracking. It wasn’t really the getting up and speaking that threw me it was the fact it was something I wrote and to be honest not many people do graduation speeches that are poems. Turned out ok though, I had a lot of people come up and tell me they thought it was great. I even had a PR lady ask for a copy so she could put it in an internal newsletter.

On the writing front I submitted the first 4000 words to an assessor recently and had my meeting with her last week. it is always nerve wracking (gee twice with that phrase in one entry and I nearly never use it) to give someone else your work to go over, especially when they have no invested interest. The thing is you hope for feedback, better yet you hope there is positive feedback. When I sat down with her that’s mostly what I got. She pulled out the things I already knew were my weaknesses, gave me some ideas to strengthen them and put them into context. The good thing was though that she hadn’t marked my work up that much and told me that was strange for her because she usually marked things up a lot more. She told me I had a good, fluid voice. No one has ever complimented my writing voice before so that gave me motivation to continue down this time consuming path of structural rewrite/write a complete second book.

Now with all that behind me and pushing me forward all I need to do is get used to my new roster and get into the habit of spending specific time in my office writing. Let’s face it though, it’s not the best time of year to get any new kind of structure going. Probably after Christmas then.