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Wow Does Time Fly

See I knew it had been a while since I’d written here, but truthfully I thought it was only a few weeks not twice that. I’ve in this time, had moments of productivity. I suppose mostly in the area of reading and blogging – review blogging that is. My review blog hasn’t been getting as many hits as it used to, I suppose that is in part because I sometimes find it difficult to blog after a 12 hr shift. You know when you work that many hours in a day and some days are very, very demanding ones, you just want to go home and veg.
I am finally, after almost 12 months in the job, getting organised with my reviewing. It is an awesome feeling. Also even though my blog traffic has dropped off, the other site I review for is doing awesome and I’m proud to be a part of that. People often don’t understand why I put so much time into reviewing and reading, they figure if I don’t get paid then it can’t possibly be worth it. Well let me tell you, it certainly is worth it. I love books, I love children’s books and I love sharing my love for them. (What a lot of love). Also I get books sent to me and for me that is a pretty awesome type of payment. I am very proud of my office library and quiet frankly I get why people don’t keep books or only borrow from the library (it can get kinda expensive over time) but I love my books, I love to revisit them too, sometimes even when I have heaps of new stuff to read, I just need to curl up and catch up with an old friend, it’s just what I need to make things feel right.

Might need to invest in one of these

Might need to invest in one of these

Writing stories hasn’t stopped, it’s just not quite as organised as perhaps it should be. I keep telling myself that I will get it all sorted but I haven’t got there yet. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m too scattered in my approach or what. I try to be disciplined but truthfully, sometimes when a new idea springs you just have to get some of that down. I wonder if some of my problem is simply that I want my writing to be profitable and so I get distracted with other projects in the hope one will result in some kind of breakthrough.
There is a part of me that wishes the muse was controllable but she is a fickle wench, always has been and I suspect always will be. That is life though. So for the moment I will plod on getting pen to paper whenever I can.
Oh if you want to check out either of the review blogs feel free.


A Year Almost Gone

This has been a pretty insane year for me what with all the changes that have been in it. I have to admit this festive season simply hasn’t been conducive to writing.

Yeah I know we all need to give ourselves a break every now and then the problem is that when I don’t write I feel guilty for wasting my time.

This is a very silly thing…probably. I work shift work, 12 hour shifts, I am a wife and mother and have three blogs and review for a fourth. In between this I need to read because two of those blogs are review sites.

I try to keep on top of it I really do.

Something has to give though because quite simply as a creative type, in fact as any working person we need to allow ourselves time to unwind. I suppose a lot or even most people don’t have a problem with this. My problem though is I still really want to be a published writer. I want to finish my books, I want to get the stories out of my head and share them with others. So how do I do all that is on my schedule?

Well I’ll let you know when I figure that one out. In fact maybe it will be something I can package and sell. Nah I know how hard it is to fit in the creative in a society that expects to be entertained but isn’t all that interested in letting the creatives have the time to create.

I will come closer to my goal this year. It is inevitable I simply have to write (when I can fit it in) and the stories don’t stop even when I don’t get to put the pen to paper.

Though I suppose I did get published in a way this year, I wrote my class graduation speech (in the form of a poem) and it impressed some people enough that it got printed in the internal magazine for the organisation I work for. That’s better than nothing right?

The Flow

The scenes are starting to flow. This is always good and awesome. My problem now is that I am motivated to do so many things I wish I could cut work out of my daily equation.

Part of my problem is that when I have the time to write other things have a tendency to come up and so the writing gets put aside. Or I know I only have a short period of time and can’t bring myself to sit at my desk and try and get stuck into it because if I do I know when the munchkins come in I’ll get grumpy with them. Oh I try not to. There are times I go out of my way to make them feel welcome in my office but if I’m honest there is a part of me that just wants to be left alone to do my thing at times.

I guess part of the problem is also that the task ahead of me with my fantasy project, is such a big job. Stripping one idea into two and then adding the rest isn’t as easy as writing one story. I have the idea there for both sure but going  through and deciding which goes where is a big enough project let alone writing the extra parts to ensure that two separate stories then exist…Well like I said not easy.

It’s nice that some of it is flowing with the new writing so that I’m writing complete scenes not just snippets but there is still so much to do and that is daunting.

So here I am, much later than planned because my eldest is getting so she stays up later and something else came up that was kind of  important, finally getting my blog entry down. I often have such hopes for a saturday night but so often it becomes my flake night. I could console myself with the fact that we all need time to do nothing and flake, but that only works sometimes.

Then of course there are moment like right now when I realise I really want something sugar loaded. Maybe that’s why my writing has slowed…because I’ve reduced my chocolate intake. This might need some looking into.