My name is Kylie and I have an addiction… to books.
I just can’t help myself, I think they are wonderful and I can’t seem to stop collecting them. Of course I haven’t really tried to, don’t have the desire to and when I shifted and people thought I should use the opportunity to get rid of them I thought about weening the person out of my life instead.
The truth is I love books. I have for as long as I can remember. The fact that part of my life includes reviewing books for two websites makes me so happy. It is also probably the reason I write. I am a writer – though there is a part of me that says I should say I want to be a writer. I do write though, most days, just because I haven’t been published yet doesn’t mean I’m not really a writer, or at least that is what I try to tell myself.
So as of late, with my focus on training for a certain event that is almost on me, I haven’t really spent a lot of time writing. I want to but with everything else going on (and that includes visitors staying and catching up with friends) I just haven’t really found the time to settle into my office and get the words down.
The other reason for this slackness is that I’ve finally bought some books I’ve wanted for a while and I just have had to dive into them. They are from a favourite author of mine Tamora Pierce and like all her stuff I just can’t put them down.
That is a not so good trait when you have to go to work and you end up staying awake much too late reading and end up dragging your feet all the next day only to repeat the same behaviour the next night.
Still no regrets, sometimes a good book is worth the feeling of sleeplessness that happens the next day.
Still I am looking forward to having a solid chunk of time off to really get stuck into my writing, I have 3 projects on the go at the moment and I really want to get stuck into all of them.