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What A Week

So it’s that time of year. Time to get that Christmas list out and buy. Well it is for me. I love Christmas and I love giving gifts. This year though it has had an added bonus.

Hubby has been thinking outside the box again for my prezzie, and as such it has forced me to think more deeply about my central character Evayn. I’ve always been able to picture her in my head; taller than me, dark hair (various lengths at different times), golden tan skin like a native American, lean and strong, and plenty of tattoos. I even had a special harness for her throwing knives. Now I’ve had to reevaluate and this is not a bad thing. I now have adjusted her weapons to better suit her, we’ve custom designed a special rig for them (which I am going to actually make a mock up of).

This of course is possibly stuff I should have been able to see clearly before but truthfully, with the way the first book was originally written the details in my head were sufficient. Now I realise just how two dimensional she was. Now it’s like I have a three dimensional holographic model spinning around in my head, you know the thing I mean one where you can programme different outfits and accessories on just to see what they look like.

(Of for the day that technology is available to authors, it would be so cool.)
The problem with this is now I have to tweak some things. Whereas before it was believable that she could just find something and purchase it, now it is more I need to find a place to perhaps have it custom made. This could be considered a big pain in the butt, it’s not though, not really because all these little details are what make for a richer story, a richer environment.

So it has a been a productive week for creativity, not so much for word count though. As a side note I acquired an original ink drawing of one of my fave all time characters (Grahame – the dragon from Kenny and the Dragon by Tony DiTerlizzi).
Also Matt Reilly was in town for signings and when I went to get my book signed he did a double take and asked if I’d been to some before. Matt Reilly remembered me – SQEEE!!!
All in all a particularly great booky week.

Merry Christmas

I will be back next year with more writing news and chaos without doubt. In the mean time though should you read this then know I am wishing you a very merry, joyous and safe Christmas. Stay safe and enjoy the time with your friends and family.