UnknownThis week I had to make a decision. I have been working so much, so many days. The problem with that is I just get so tired and brain numbed that it can be hard to write. If I only have one day off at a time or maybe even two then it can be hard to get more than a few hundred words down at any one time.
So this week, when a bunch of things came to a head I decided to take my name off the OT list. My dad isn’t well so I need to make sure I put some extra effort into that relationship. A friend went into hospital for an emergency C-Section and their baby has to stay in hospital for a while longer, now there isn’t much I can do for them except make sure we’re available if they need. My kids had a day off school so if I stayed home it would be an extra day with them. And an extra day makes a huge difference to the amount of words I get down.
In the end it wasn’t much of a decision a bit extra cash or quality time with family/friends and past times I love.
When you are a writer who actually has to work at a day job to pay the bills it can sometimes be hard to let go of a little extra money, even though you know your frustration levels, at lack of productivity, will probably rise.
It turns out it wasn’t such a hard choice to make.