Alright, here I am, where I wanted to be. On the brink of a week filled with writing.

Now you know (or maybe that should be I know) that there are going to be loads of things that will try to infringe on my time. In an effort to head this off at the pass I set myself a couple of goals for this weekend. Firstly I needed to finish our taxes, not necessarily a big task just a damn fiddly one and its those fiddly things that take so much time. Regardless I can tick that off my list. I also needed to post on my blogs. I mean in all honesty there is nothing to say I have to post but it’s my own determination that sets this goal for me. So here I am two down one to go. (Well almost two down.)

I am very much looking forward to this week. How productive this turns out to be is yet to be seen but at the moment I have some high hopes, maybe more like realistic expectations. I hope to get 20,000 words down between now and my next post. That works out to less than 5000 words a day, lets just hope I don’t get too distracted by other things.

Oh crap I realise I just set myself a target. I’m not sure how realistic this target is. On the upside last time I set myself a target for my writing (NaNo) I actually achieved it. Well then I guess I can do this.

No no guessing about it, I will do this.

I suppose this means you are my accountability people. You will keep me to my goal.