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I am currently on leave from work and I am busy, but in a way I like to be. I am writing. I have set myself various goals for these weeks off and I aim to be productive.

So many people were asking what my holiday plans were and then wondered if I wouldn’t get bored being as I’m not going anywhere this time.

Thing is for the last little while all I have really wanted to do is write. I have a novella length project that I’ve just finished the main edit on and it will hopefully be published before the holidays are done. I have also gotten my edits back from my editor and after a pain in my butt stuff around by my cover artist, I have commissioned a new artist and will hopefully have that soon, so Book three in the Oparna Legacy can be published.

Also my faith has hit the forefront of my life again and I have a project tied into that which I plan on making substantial headway on during this time off.

Then of course there is the new series I have started working on as well, an urban paranormal crime series that I think will be kind of fun.

So that’s it for my holiday plans and I can’t help but think my 6 and a bit weeks leave isn’t going to be anywhere near long enough for me to get all the writing done that I want to do.


So, it’s a finished entity.
The next stage is the scary bit. Submission. So scary in fact that I haven’t done it yet. I keep thinking of reasons not to.
What if?
I know the publisher liked the first bit, but what if he doesn’t like the rest?
What if it wasn’t what he was expecting?
What if?
So I’ve sent it to a beta reader, in the hopes that if there are any stupid mistakes at least she will pick them up before I send it.
The problem is it is a form of procrastination. Isn’t it?
It makes sense to do this, because no matter how many times you as an author go over something, you know what it is you are trying to say so you don’t always pick up all the stuff ups.
Man I just wished I knew one way or another, but I’ll have to wait and trust my beta. I want to push it and just hit the send button, but if I do that and she finds I’ve said Smith when I meant Jones and a whole section doesn’t quiet gel, I will most certainly regret it.
The waiting is not always the hardest part, but it is the hardest part at the moment.

Next Stage

So I’ve finally gotten it all onto the computer.

Things are marching along at an okay pace. Of course they would be going along quicker if I didn’t have to do a regular job but sadly I do. My bills still have to be paid. Why can’t their be a clause with bills that states if you’re a struggling writer you can have a month or two off paying them. That would be so cool.

Anyway that’s not reality and while I spend a lot of time in fantasy I still have to come back to the real world to visit (and pay bills).

Now comes the really tough part that requires a red pen. I’ll let you know how that goes.

What The Hell

So I keep meaning to post, every Saturday was my goal. Then when I started working shift work I was aiming for once a week and somehow it looks like I skipped an entire month here.
So I repeat, what the hell happened to the weeks?
Anyway the upside is the writing has been going awesomely well. I practically get something done everyday, whether it be words on a page, a screen or editing. The book is shaping up nicely. I am totally loving my characters, and the story.
You know one of my favourite things is when my story surprises me, or a character does. Over the course of this writing push I’ve had characters I thought would only be brief appearances pop their hands up and make me realise their part is much bigger than I first envisaged.
I long to share my book with people, but I know it isn’t ready yet. I know I have a long road to still travel and you know what, I don’t care. I want it to be good when I get to share it. I want people to love it like I do.
I have a catch up with a publisher next week.
Yeah, you get that, I just had to throw that in somewhere. It may not mean anything, it may mean something.
I sent a message to this publisher, who had asked for a sample of my work and he hadn’t got back to me yet. Now this makes any writer stress, but I’m watching the company on line and it’s so busy at the moment, I certainly can’t begrudge him getting back to me. If I need to be massaged and propped up every step of the way I really am in the wrong business. So as it was a personal contact that got me through the door I tried the personal touch again. I sent an email asking if he was going to be at an event I will be attending. He got back to me the next day (which if you bear in mind I sent it around 11pm one night that’s almost straight away right?) He said he’d love to catch up. That’s a good thing, isn’t it? If he wanted to brush me off he’d have said ‘if you get a chance drop by’, or something equally nice.
Oh hell, it’s hard not to read too much into things at times.
Anyway, I have as many things crossed as I can, but not my eyes coz then I’d probably end up having an accident of some sort and that’s the last thing I need.
As always I’ll keep writing and let you know if there’s anything good to share, make that when there is something good to share.

What I Needed

I am enjoying some time off, I cannot deny that it is a good feeling not having to get up before dawn to go to work for 12 hours. You know what else is awesome? The sheer amount of time I am getting to read and write.
I’ve gone over my research, my character outlines and stared at my post-it note marked map. Building an entire world is a strange feeling. It takes hours of what, to many, may look like a complete waste of time, but time is what allows us to create a place that can sweep you away and seem so real.
It took me a long time to find the fantasy story I wanted to write. I always loved reading fantasy but my own story just wouldn’t come, until that day I found my opening scene. It remains a visual I love and the character who stood in the middle of it, is one I am proud to have created.
While I’m going thorough this structural editing process I find myself swept into the story of the characters I birthed, not wanting to stop to cook dinner or do other mundane things like housework (something that somehow never is a priority to me). As I’ve been wielding my red pen these people are becoming clearer in my mind. Is it a bad thing that I love my characters? I hope not.
I know even though the task that is finishing editing and completing these two books still seems like a mountain, it is one I am determined to climb. This break is giving me a renewed passion just like I hoped it would.
On the reading side of things I got to finish a book that has been sitting on my shelf for simply ages. I was left wondering why I didn’t pick it up earlier, even though I’d been meaning to. I suppose that is one of the drawbacks to being a reviewer, some books just sit on the pile because they aren’t a priority. (Not sure that it’s much of a drawback though because it means I always have something to read).
The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf is a great addition to the YA Dystopian genre. Ashala is everything I like in a central character, she is strong, flawed, clever and just a little different. The world Kwaymullina has created is devastated, controlled by fear mongers and a wonderfully 3 dimensional place for Ashala’s story. I won’t spill any secrets of this tightly written, completely engaging book, I wouldn’t want to spoil it. I will say if you love the genre, or cleverly written stories with great protagonists, then this is well worth a look. If you want to check out my review then go here.
Finding gems like this book make reading a joy. It’s why I read and why I write. I can only hope that one day someone will read something I wrote and enjoy it just as much.