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Moving Right Along

snowball-effectSo the non-fiction thing I wrote about last time, seems to have snowballed, I have been doing a load of research and have mostly put my paper proposal together, I though I had referees then it turned out one was unable to do it through no fault of their own, (well maybe the underlying fault is theirs but it is nothing I blame them for or should). It turns out though they had an interesting replacement idea and I will pursue that this week to see how far it all goes. Deadline is getting closer and that is good and bad, I’ve done most of it but there are a few things I haven’t been able to narrow down as much as the application wants me to, and I suppose that is the one place where having more time would have been better, but with more time I may have talked myself out of it.
On the other hand, having this project to focus on has also had the side effect of me actually getting more of my novel written. Somehow working on one is making it possible to work on two. I spend so much time with my head in research that it is a joy to pull my head out, even for a few moments and get just a few sentences or half a page down.
This is not a bad thing me thinks.
Lets just hope I am up to the challenge I seem to have put before myself.

I Wrote This Week

Those words may seem insignificant but for me they are huge. I don’t mean I wrote a few hundred words I mean I got over a couple of thousand down. This was such a great feeling.

Just being able to start to sink myself again into Evayn and her life and to be able to give her more than a passing thought.

I’m starting to fill up again on my world, my characters, people who mean something to me, even if they don’t to anyone else yet.

Actually I probably am at a point where I need to strip everything off my desk again and reorganise it.

I am also just about ready to send off my sample to the person who is going to hopefully give me some good feedback. As writers it is hard to hand stuff over sometimes. Friends will often be kind to you (I have some good ones who are honest and wield a red pen when necessary) a complete stranger has no reason not to tell you what you’ve put in front of them is complete shit. Getting feedback like that is something that I fret a little about though to be honest I try not to. Getting good feedback though gives you a little boost. It can kickstart a lagging drive. It can help you push through the thing that is keeping you from your muse.

The hope of positive feedback still doesn’t make it easy to hand stuff over. So think of me as I take that somewhat difficult step this week.

I will keep you up dated, even if it is just to say “I suck….and I am throwing a pity party”, then I’ll snap out of it and get on with the real task of putting pen to paper (fingers to keyboard).