So SupaNova was weeks ago and I said I’d write about but somehow I got to here and I haven’t done.
I have been so busy with my writing. Which is a good thing believe me.
The June ‘Nova tour was awesome. It was always going to be, I can’t tell you how many of us were so excited when John Barrowman announced that he was coming. That was a huge draw card, Stan Lee was big for Sydney and that was one reason for me to do the double but seriously John Barrowman was in my top 5 of all time, celebs that I wanted to meet. Was it worth it…
What do you think?
Seriously though try these for size:IMG_0947




Yeah I know awesome right!!!

It wasn’t all Barrowman, there were plenty of other awesome people.




Then there were my Perth pics:


Of course these people were only part of the reason that ‘Nova is such a big thing for me, the real reason is these guys

For me ‘Nova has become a group of people I catch up with several times a year, who I have a bunch in common with. They are people who accept that part of me that embraces the fantastical, that wanders through the make believe. I love my weekends with these people.
The best bit is it fuels me.
As a writer there are ebbs and flows in the process. I suppose when you’re a published author you have deadlines to keep you in line. When you’re like me and just working towards that goal there are only self imposed deadlines. And to an extent they work. It can be hard to constantly be self-motivated though and we all need things in our lives that refresh, reinvigorate us. For me acting and ‘Nova fill that roll, though it’s been too long since I’ve been on stage. At the moment I’m refreshed and part of that is to do with ‘Nova, another part is to do with the fact that someone really likes what I’ve written so far and sometimes a positive word is all it takes to ignite a fire under your butt.

Thank you everyone from ‘Nova you are awesome and I hope you know it.