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Yay Writing Time!

Okay so I am on holidays, it is November which makes it NaNo time and I have all these writing plans. Not that I’m officially doing NaNo this year.
The problem is life wants to interfere with my writing plans.
So I have a solution, not sure how well it is going to work though. I am going to set myself a daily target.
It sounds so easy.
Yeah right, it would be if my target was 200 words or something, but the fact is if I am going to make any headway at all on any of my WIP’s then I need to set targets way more out there than that.
I’m going to try and be logical about this though, or as logical as I can be. I will set my targets based on what each day holds. As most of my catchups have been done I can have a few really word heavy days. In fact todays ridiculous count is in the thousands. I’m hoping for like 5 of them.
Right I’m getting off here then and sticking my head down over my manuscript.

It Begins

I am on leave…
I have 6 glorious weeks off in which I can pursue those things that sometimes get lost in the need to work and stuff.
I plan on doing a whole lot of reading and a whole lot more of writing. It is an awesome feeling to know I have time to do those things which are most passionate to me.
The best thing about all of this is I have already started. I have finished a really good book, in fact I’ve gotten through a few recently and am starting to get my reading mojo back.
a few pages
This is a good thing as I have many books still to read and many more that I haven’t yet purchased (just give me time).
On this my second day of vacation I have managed to plonk myself down at my desk (having booted my munchkins off it momentarily) and gotten more than a few words down. Also a really good thing. Though I think I may need to invest in this shirt.
Having all the good intentions in the world and being pushing along by the fact that it is NaNoWriMo (even though I’m not actively participating this year) is still only part of it. My problem is I possibly have too many projects to work on. I need to focus myself far more tightly if I am really going to achieve anything in this time off.
So head down bum up, pen in hand or fingers on the keyboard.
Just let me tidy my desk first.


This week has been a bit frantic. I have spent the week working on my kids’s books website. I plan to have reviews, some of which I’ve got up already, as well as other things. It has kept me really busy. You can check it out here, it’s called TheKylieVerse.

I have also been trying to get some writing in. The thing I really wanted to say in this entry is that it is going to be short and sweet as I am on holiday for two weeks so I may be absent, depending how certain things shake out. Thanks for bearing with me though and I will be back soon.