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It’s Flowing

That sums it all up really. I am finally getting into both some sort of routine and some amount of productivity. This is a great feeling. I love writing, the whole process. I love the way things come together and I really love it when my characters surprise me. Now the trick is to keep up the momentum.
The problem with being a writer who actually has to do a regular job as well it that when life throws you a curve ball you have to adapt quickly or any flow you have going gets disrupted. My trick now is to keep it all going and continue writing while trying to fit in overtime at work to cope with certain changes we have to make.
Geez being creative can be a vicious bitch sometimes. I guess if I wasn’t passionate about it and my characters I could let it fall by the wayside but I’m sure life would be a tad more boring if I did that. Not to mention the fact I have tried to give up the writing addiction before and it truly didn’t stick. Am writer must write. These characters just won’t stay in my head they fight to be out there.

Looking Forward

At the moment what I am looking forward to the most is finishing my current job and getting a week and a half break. Now I am sure if I’m not careful I will waste that precious time but my intention at the moment is to ring every second of writing out of that time that I can.

A whole week where the kids are at school and I can sit in my office and write. Do you have any idea how good that sounds to me right at this moment? Sure I get in here every day and even get a bit of writing done, mostly though it is to do with my review sites.

Also I do manage to write something most days that is creative but it is happening piecemeal and the chance to sit and string it all together making something cohesive is time to be treasured. Don’t get me wrong I love my family, I have a great family they tolerate all the hours I spend at home reading and writing, but it can be hard to spend large chunks of time pursuing my writing when I need to spend time being mummy. They don’t understand quite how an interruption can disrupt the flow.

I was going to apply for an online writing job so I could hopefully get a little money from my writing but the job closed before I could apply. I guess a few other people have the same idea. Looking at it though, I so don’t have the time to add anything else to my already busy schedule.

Here’s a brief glimpse at my life:



Work almost full time

Train – running, weights, boxing

Writing two main projects


Reviewing for two blogs

Writing for two others

Rehearsing for a play

I am woman hear me… try to juggle these flaming clubs.