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What A Week

So it’s that time of year. Time to get that Christmas list out and buy. Well it is for me. I love Christmas and I love giving gifts. This year though it has had an added bonus.

Hubby has been thinking outside the box again for my prezzie, and as such it has forced me to think more deeply about my central character Evayn. I’ve always been able to picture her in my head; taller than me, dark hair (various lengths at different times), golden tan skin like a native American, lean and strong, and plenty of tattoos. I even had a special harness for her throwing knives. Now I’ve had to reevaluate and this is not a bad thing. I now have adjusted her weapons to better suit her, we’ve custom designed a special rig for them (which I am going to actually make a mock up of).

This of course is possibly stuff I should have been able to see clearly before but truthfully, with the way the first book was originally written the details in my head were sufficient. Now I realise just how two dimensional she was. Now it’s like I have a three dimensional holographic model spinning around in my head, you know the thing I mean one where you can programme different outfits and accessories on just to see what they look like.

(Of for the day that technology is available to authors, it would be so cool.)
The problem with this is now I have to tweak some things. Whereas before it was believable that she could just find something and purchase it, now it is more I need to find a place to perhaps have it custom made. This could be considered a big pain in the butt, it’s not though, not really because all these little details are what make for a richer story, a richer environment.

So it has a been a productive week for creativity, not so much for word count though. As a side note I acquired an original ink drawing of one of my fave all time characters (Grahame – the dragon from Kenny and the Dragon by Tony DiTerlizzi).
Also Matt Reilly was in town for signings and when I went to get my book signed he did a double take and asked if I’d been to some before. Matt Reilly remembered me – SQEEE!!!
All in all a particularly great booky week.

Supernova 2012

This was the post I did just after Supernova a couple of weekends ago, for my review site. I wanted to add a bit to give it a little more relevance for this blog.

I learnt a little something at Supernova. One: that Matthew Reilly’s fans kicked ass over Christopher Paolini’s. Two: Duncan Lay is an incredible example of how to sell your own books – don’t just sit behind the table but get out and approach people, he made so many sales that way. Three: don’t underestimate the power of the fan or an appearance – some people bought entire backlists to get signed even though they already owned copies.

The other thing is – HOW COOL WOULD IT BEE TO BE SITTING WITH THOSE AUTHORS AND MEETING FANS!!!!! Yes I know all caps is like shouting but if you are a writer you know exactly where I am coming from.

So now that is done with I’ll let you get on with the rest of the post.

PS. Before I do that I’d just like to send out a shout out to all Supernova goers because this year broke loads of records.

Okay the thing is I am a fan girl, actors/authors/characters, and I love it. I am totally unashamed of this part of my personality. A great thing about being me is I know plenty of others who indulge in geekdom and fandom as well. I was not alone this weekend, in fact SuperNova Perth had it’s biggest weekend there ever. It was huge and so much fun.

Why am I posting this you may wonder? Well because the sci-fi/fantasy fans are the best. We are avid and passionate. For many of us it starts at a young age, books/comics we love it and we devour it.

This weekend I saw cartoon characters, movie characters, comic book characters, tv show characters, game characters and book characters. Now is the time I will point out that a great many of these characters come from written word formats in one way or another. If you have kids who are avid readers and you want something to challenge them but will not have inappropriate themes, then often fantasy is a good place to go (not George RR Martin though). If you have reluctant readers give them a comic book. Reading is reading, and that is a good thing, and conventions are a great place to realise just how great it can be to escape for just a little while.

I have friends who dressed up as manga characters (they cosplay regularly). They were a huge hit over the weekend and spent much time being photographed by complete strangers. [Manga is something that can be read not just watched – for those of you out of the loop.]

A convention is also a great place to meet authors and get your favourite book/s signed and even find some new authors to try.

JB Thomas, Duncan Lay, Juliet Marillier, Bevan McGuiness, Marianne dePierres, Matthew Reilly, Christopher Paolini

Or see illustrators/artists in action.

The wonderful Marc McBride painting up a storm

One of my highlights was meeting Noah Hathaway who played Atreyu in the film version of one of my fave books as a kid The NeverEnding Story.

My signed pic…I totally geeked out over this.

We who are prepared to geek out salute you!!!

Jack West is an Aussie.

Today will be a few random thoughts.

We all know filmmakers sometimes use books as source material and avid readers can have very mixed reactions to this, sometimes the book transitions well and other times it is tragic. I’m sure we all have films that we think suck but we loved the books. I’m not about to begrudge authors, particularly favourite ones, an extra income stream, in fact I’m all for it.

Sometimes the problem is in the way the screen writers change the source material, for me the first time I realised this happened was when I went and saw The Neverending Story, it was one of my favourite books and I have very clear memories of walking out of the cinema complaining to my mother that certain things were wrong.

Sometimes the problem lies in the casting. The thing with a book is that when you read it you create an image of the characters and when someone else’e image isn’t the same as yours it can be quite off putting. I won’t get started on this, though Katherine H as Stephanie Plum well… no further comment.

Why am I thinking about this. I had a conversation with one of my favourite authors once about the wonderful news that book rights had been sold for a film. I would really like to see this happen but for me the casting of this is a big issue.

So right now I just want to put something out there. Matthew Reilly’s Jack West books have been optioned and Jack West is an Australian, I think it would be totally terrible for this character to be played by an American when we have so many wonderful local actors. My vote for Jack West is Sam Worthington. He had proved he has depth, he has also proved himself in action. Let’s keep this plum role with the locals. Oh how I would love to see these books on the big screen. I really would but please, please. please cast an Aussie in an Aussie role.

Sam Worthington for Jack West.

That is all.