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A Little Break

So, writing is a slow process, unless I suppose you are a well known and already published author. A contract has 12 to 18 months on it and that’s if things go smoothly. Sometimes things don’t go smoothly.


They haven’t for me. I wish they had. More than anything I wish they had. My life is busy and rough enough. There are times I just get tired of pushing, pressing and moving forward. Sometimes I just want to give up.

Thing is I know well enough that I can’t walk away. I’ve been a writer, an unpublished one, for a very long time. I used to sit at my parents dining room table with an old typewriter when I was about 13 or 14 and write up my first stories. Mostly they were mystery/adventure because thats what I read. When I got older I tried my hand at bad high school romance, with characters unlike any I read because I always identified with rougher girls, more troubled girls than I read about.


I have always written. Writing is my outlet. Sometimes there are so many ideas that I can’t keep up. If I develop even half of those ideas I am going toe busy for a very long time. Problem is I write because I have to write but there is still part of me that really wants to share my stories but I’m not willing to give all those stories away. I did start publishing a couple of stories on line years ago, but I didn’t see it through and no one seemed to care.

Publishing is a difficult mistress. Writing is a cruel bitch to be enslaved to. But I am and I find I don’t mind it much, mostly. Sometimes though the frustration. You try to hold onto the highs but the time between them is so far it can be disheartening.

During one of those lows, when my publisher had things to work through, (life interferes most inconveniently at times) I had to walk away. I was getting irritated and frustrated because nothing was moving forward.


Creatives can’t just stop being creative though, so I walked back to the theatre. I put on another persons clothes, hair and damn four inch heels and played make believe for a little while.

It was fun and exhausting. See a writer is in many ways a homebody, this writer particularly. Oh I love being on stage, it is an amazing, adrenaline filled experience. Some of those nights though, getting myself off my couch and out of my house was a drag. The reward though… the laughter, the camaraderie, the total shedding of self to play dress up as someone totally differently.


I love being on stage. The wonderful side effect is now I feel energised and ready to write again. I’ve been able to put pen to paper on a couple of things and feel ready to push in to the bigger ones.

Sometimes you need to step away and reinvigorate the core of you.

A New Office

Some people need an uncluttered area in which to work and write. Me not so much. Usually I know where pretty much everything I need is… well mostly. Recently though I have had in my head that my office has needed an overhaul and it took weeks for me to get my new desk and then sort everything out, including all the books that had been packed for when we thought we were going to have to move.
Finally today I finished it.
I honestly can’t remember the last time my office was so organised, probably not long after we first moved in.
I have to say it feels good. In the process so much stuff got thrown out. It can be quite amazing just how much stuff can be accumulated when you aren’t really looking.
More incredibly perhaps are the number of old projects I found. In some cases it is simply old versions of projects I’ve seen through to completion on one level or another and in others it’s little more than opening scenes or story ideas. Now it is all collated and if I ever got the time I probably have enough stuff to get on with for many years to come.
Thing is all this shuffling has left me feeling very focussed and ready to get my head down and write. All of which couldn’t have come at a better time because I have one more week of week before nearly two weeks off. I have many plans for that time, of course mostly that is writing and reading.
So very looking forward to it.

It’s Flowing

That sums it all up really. I am finally getting into both some sort of routine and some amount of productivity. This is a great feeling. I love writing, the whole process. I love the way things come together and I really love it when my characters surprise me. Now the trick is to keep up the momentum.
The problem with being a writer who actually has to do a regular job as well it that when life throws you a curve ball you have to adapt quickly or any flow you have going gets disrupted. My trick now is to keep it all going and continue writing while trying to fit in overtime at work to cope with certain changes we have to make.
Geez being creative can be a vicious bitch sometimes. I guess if I wasn’t passionate about it and my characters I could let it fall by the wayside but I’m sure life would be a tad more boring if I did that. Not to mention the fact I have tried to give up the writing addiction before and it truly didn’t stick. Am writer must write. These characters just won’t stay in my head they fight to be out there.

Tempus Fugit

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I wrote anything here.

I guess when you start a new job it is easy to let things get a little away from you.

It has been really nice to transition from study to on the job but I’m still trying to settle into things, like actual days off with no kids around, which actually won’t last long because it’s nearly summer holidays.

In the time since the last entry I have given a speech that I wrote at my graduation ceremony and it was in poem form so it was a little nerve wracking. It wasn’t really the getting up and speaking that threw me it was the fact it was something I wrote and to be honest not many people do graduation speeches that are poems. Turned out ok though, I had a lot of people come up and tell me they thought it was great. I even had a PR lady ask for a copy so she could put it in an internal newsletter.

On the writing front I submitted the first 4000 words to an assessor recently and had my meeting with her last week. it is always nerve wracking (gee twice with that phrase in one entry and I nearly never use it) to give someone else your work to go over, especially when they have no invested interest. The thing is you hope for feedback, better yet you hope there is positive feedback. When I sat down with her that’s mostly what I got. She pulled out the things I already knew were my weaknesses, gave me some ideas to strengthen them and put them into context. The good thing was though that she hadn’t marked my work up that much and told me that was strange for her because she usually marked things up a lot more. She told me I had a good, fluid voice. No one has ever complimented my writing voice before so that gave me motivation to continue down this time consuming path of structural rewrite/write a complete second book.

Now with all that behind me and pushing me forward all I need to do is get used to my new roster and get into the habit of spending specific time in my office writing. Let’s face it though, it’s not the best time of year to get any new kind of structure going. Probably after Christmas then.

Just For The Hell Of It

Just for the hell of it I have decided to enter a YA pitch competition hosted at YAtopia. As I follow the  blog I now just need to post this blog about entering and submit my two sentence pitch.

It’s an interesting thought, condensing a novel into two sentences. Then again it’s also a really good challenge and something I can see me printing up and putting on my board in front of me to keep me on track. So here I go, I was planing on putting a lot of time in on my writing during my two weeks off, and this gives me some major motivation to do just that.


Into The New Year Now

Well no excuses now, the new year is underway and to be honest I’m struggling. Having the extra days off the last couple of weekends has made it difficult to get back into the swing of things at work. There are changes mostly not much stock and very little new stuff coming in. So far they aren’t letting us order anything either which is really hamstringing me because there are gaps in some of my best selling series, including first books. This makes it tough to put product into the hands of the person asking for something for the avid or even reluctant reader.

I am really looking forward to the Writers Festival this year. Previous years it has been at the edge of my awareness. I’ve known about it and thought about trying to go to a couple of things but felt selfish and unjustified in doing so. How can I spend that sort of money on myself for something like that? This year I’ve decided to say stuff it. I’m going to take holidays from work and go to as much as I can. I need this. I need to network, to reach out and learn as much as I can. This is my way of boosting my faith in myself. Of course an added bonus is some of it I will be able to write off and some of it work have said they will pay for. Colour me surprised when that happened.

It’s hard to feel motivated at the moment. A piece I am collaborating on isn’t really working for me on some levels. It’s a pain when that happens, I think I may be too close or over thinking it but you can’t step back when there is a deadline you just need to get your head together and push forward.

When I said I was feeling flat and unmotivated recently, someone responded with ‘why don’t you just write something and get it published’. I nearly screamed, if only it were that easy. Don’t get me wrong I love selling books and could in all likelihood talk about them all day, but writing that is where my passion is. Has been since I was a kid. I love writing but at the moment it’s hard to focus. Even in my reading I’m revisiting old friends as opposed to working my way through the ever increasing pile of books that I want to read for the first time.

Something else I’m thinking of doing is adding a list of my fave kids books, to this site, it’s going to take time though and a bit of discipline but now that I’ve put it out there I’m hoping it will help me do it. Of course I’ll have to mention other things I read as well if only to prove I don’t just read kids books. Then again who cares, I really like a lot of kids books so there.

On that note I will leave tonight and wish you all a good week when it rolls around.