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My People

0xcastI had a meeting today for the upcoming SupaNova event. I’m volunteering this year because the person I was supposed to be working for is no longer able to make it over due to a sad string of events.
I thought I may know one person there today. A guy I’ve known for nearly 20 years now I come to think of it. He was there, we had the chance to have a brief hug. Then I found myself sitting next to someone I’d met at an author event over a year ago, so we got to chatting. In fact I inserted myself into a conversation she was having with someone else about NaNo before we made the connection.
That’s the thing though, I didn’t know anyone and yet I had some laughs, and some good convo about writing. Life is full of connections. You need to be open to them. At this time I’m thinking I’m going to be working a full week before the con and I’ll work all con so I’ll be pretty tired once it’s all over. I think it will be worth it though.
The con allows me to embrace that part of me that doesn’t really fit into work life. Don’t get my wrong, I love work, I often have quiet a laugh but the geeky part of me really has no place there. I can’t quote Firefly, Star Wars, or Labyrinth because no-one will know what I’m talking about. I’m okay with that though because the cheeky part of me gets plenty of workout.
princess bride 3
The geek part of me loves when it gets the chance to be let out. I love the chance to fan girl over tv actors/film actors and writers. I love being around people who know what I’m talking about if I say I’m doing NaNo this year. Or someone says ‘inconceivable’ and you reply ‘You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means’ and they laugh coz they know what you’re talking about.
We humans can often be made up of personality components but often we don’t feel comfortable revealing them to some people. It’s probably healthier though if we find ways to attend to all those aspects of ourselves. Me I have my cheeky/honest side that I can let out at work. That’s the side of me that can come out in the theatre too. I have my booky/geeky side that is seen by my friends and people who attend Cons and so on. And I have a fitness side that’s mostly kept to myself and my trainer (and those crazy few who are doing Tough Mudder with me). I also have a smoochy side that well that’s reserved for somewhere that’s not this blog.
What I’m trying to say is I think you probably get more out of life, or at least a little more happiness if you are honest with yourself about who you are. Don’t hide parts of yourself, find some way to bring them out to shine every now and then, it’s definitely worth it.

What A Time This Is

I made some big decisions this week. I am looking for a challenge and a career change and I’m taking steps toward this end. The upside is that with these changes my writing is also finding focus. This is a good thing.

After NaNo, I was focussed and writing and that was a great thing. Then I got my manuscript back and I was all fired up even for the big structural changes. Thing is though, while I have been writing bits here and there apart from my week off it has been slow going. Also it has been fragmented. The writing happening in scenes but not necessarily consecutive ones.

This week though I have been able to put down my book on the train and get snippets of writing done, which is how I got through NaNo. This I feel is a good thing for me. Especially as some of the scenes are starting to flow and grow.

So while some things in my life are undergoing big changes, some things will just stay the same. Writing has been such a part of my life for so long I really doubt it would be possible for me to give it up. I just wouldn’t want to. I will finish this story, I’ve invested so much into it that is would be silly not to.

Right now it seems right to say : To live is an awfully big adventure.

It’s Now December

Well I did it!

Yes indeed, I hit 50 000 words and did it with a day to spare. Not even sure I could believe it but I did it. Boy was it an incredible feeling. I haven’t finished the story yet. Just got the big climax and aftermath left really. And to be honest once I’d hit the requisite number of words I sort of stopped. I will finish it but there is at the moment so much reading I really need to catch up on. I have so many books piling up it’s getting beyond ridiculous. Of course it isn’t helped at all by the fact that I keep buying books and adding to the pile.

I have to say I love NaNoWriMo. I really do.For the first time in quite a while I actually feel as though I accomplished something. Not only did I practically write a complete book in one month, and yeah it still needs a lot of work and is more like a really detailed draft, but I also got inspired to work on another project that has been sitting in the back of my mind for a few years. This particular one is not a kids or YA book and it was started ages ago. Finding the inspiration to work on it though hasn’t happened. Then this week strangely the voice of the book came to me. So really I have to say thank you to NaNoWriMo. It has given me my focus and drive back.

What I will do next is anyones guess. Though I do plan on getting up the word flow and getting some writing finished. Though I may take a bit of a break just to try and catch up on reading.

Update Nano

The problem with nano is sustaining it. I found the first week easy and about half of the second. Then life interfered.

I had a wedding anniversary to celebrate, (good), a calendar launch to attend (would have been good except I got sick). I got sick (bad – was thinking it would be good because I could spend all day writing, except I couldn’t focus). And my F-I-L is in hospital really sick and had surgery on friday which didn’t go so well (bad).

So now I find myself quite behind.

On the upside, I had a very productive day. I wrote about 3-4000 words, and typed up 3000. So I am at least no where near as far behind as I was worried I might be.

Yay! It would be so nice if life didn’t have to interfere with my writing, then again I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Nano Oh!

Well half way through the second week and I’m mostly on target, I say mostly because I  haven’t written today’s quota.

I’ve got to say though that so far I am enjoying the challenge and in fact having fun with it.

My story has multiple characters all with their own pasts, and I have a plot. Of course being not much of a planner there is a lot I don’t have. I know my characters will do bit of breaking and entering, and they will help rescue someone. I also know I need to throw some more action in there. I’m just not sure yet.

The guys at Nanosprints are really great, sure I don’t do the challenges but just the motivation to sit there for a certain period of time and race the clock is pretty good.

The other bit of writing news is that one of the bigger publishing houses are launching an imprint and are looking for YA titles, realistic ones. This may sound a little out of my area but the truth is I already half a 3/4 written one that is a story I have at various times felt compelled to write. All this means though is once nano is over I have a new deadline to aim for.

Of course with all this writing in my spare time it’s been a little difficult to do much reading. I’ve felt the need to go back and read a series I’ve already read, for two reasons actually. Firstly it’s the precursor to one of the books in my new book club and secondly I just want to sink into something familiar, not have to deal with new things.

Well I’d best start on todays quota.


Well hello November, this year I have decided to take on the challenge that is NaNoWriMo. Yes, yes I know there are plenty of people who think it is a crap idea but for me I think it is just what I need. I work well to deadlines and I need the push at the moment to get me focussed.

I do not however think that what I will produce will be in any way worthy of publishing that’s what the polishing and editing processes are for. This is just to get the story, the plot and the characters onto page formed into something more than an opening scene in my head.

See you in thirty – though I’m sure I will up date you along the way.