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Decision Time

This week has been a fairly good week for things other than work. I’ve been writing a little something everyday, which I’ve been pretty happy about.

After quite a bit of time thinking about scenes I can add to Evayn’s story after the feedback I had from the agent I’ve finally written two scenes I’m really happy with. Now just to put them in the right places.

The decision I was referring to is I’m thinking of getting Evayn professionally critiqued. Yes it’s a bit of money initially but good feedback from a recognised critiquer (not even sure that is the correct name) can open a few more doors and as there are a couple of publishers I’m thinking of approaching directly I think this is a necessary step.

I feel happy about this decision, the biggest thing for me was convincing myself that I can spend that kind of money on me and my dreams. Sometimes that is the biggest hurdle.

The creative life is one filled with ups and downs and sometimes allowing yourself to believe in your dreams enough to put money, not just time, behind that dream is an important step. Believing in yourself isn’t just sitting on your bum saying ‘I can do’, sometimes it really is a matter of putting you money where your mouth is.

Rejection Mark ?

Well I wasn’t really in the right head space last week to write, also I think I was doing something else.

Anyway I heard back from the agent. It was a thanks but no thanks kind of thing. Here’s an excerpt:

I feel that the writing is there, however the story takes too long to get going.

I love the concept and it has all the right ingredients that I would like to see in a YA fantasy,

however in such a competitive industry, the author does not have the luxury of building the story at a

leisurely pace.

I guess at least one of the thoughts I had going through my mind was that it wasn’t something she could see as salvageable. If she had then maybe we could have made one or two changes and gone forward.

It hurt a bit I won’t deny that but strangely I wasn’t terribly upset by this. It was fairly helpful as far as feedback goes and I don’t actually think the change it needs is a very time consuming one. The other reason I wasn’t that upset was that when I took a step back to look at it all I realised I wasn’t sure I could work well with this person anyway.

Why then would I approach them you may wonder. That’s easy, when you are looking for a break you will look out for what ever opportunities you can. Looking on the slightly brighter side, in a minor way it was like getting a manuscript assessment. Certainly not a line by line or major breakdown of strengths or weaknesses but it is yet another step forward.

I have not given up, I will not give up. I don’t know that I can. I still have hopes for Evayn and these stories, I have hopes for the as yet unwritten ideas screaming or sometimes floating around in my head.

Sure it gets frustrating to be rejected and it gets frustrating when well meaning friends and acquaintances tell you JK Rowling got rejected a load of times, or other authors with similar stories. Strangely it isn’t as irritating when a well published author says they just got a rejection letter, somehow that gives you the perspective to keep pushing on.

So push on I will.

Later, got a heap of stuff to do and a new idea pushing its way forward.



I finally got a reply from the agent to whom I had submitted my fantasy novel. It wasn’t a flat out no.

So YAY!!!!!!!

Of course it wasn’t a straight yes either and for someone like me that means I start questioning. Mostly they are silly questions including doubting my writing ability and wondering if her interest in my story relies on my answers to these questions. Of course I already know the answer to that one. It’s yes and no. No in that she has expressed further interest by even asking these questions, and that is definitely something to be happy about, because if it wasn’t something she was at least a little interested in I would have got back a flat no. Yes in as much as there are things an agent needs to know before agreeing to work with you. The other thing I know is that these questions are any different to ones I’ve seen that other agents expect answered with your initial submission.

So now I need to consider my answers even though I really already know them, but I’d hate to stuff it up here by not showing the proper consideration and replying in a shoddy way. I’ve put quite a lot of thought into them already and pray that I in no way stuff this up, which probably means I shouldn’t spend too much time thinking because then I will be in danger of over thinking and that will only confuse me even more.

A friend asked me if this is the furthest I’ve gotten in my publishing pursuit and I had the think about it. The long-listing in the comp last year was a success (even though there were times it didn’t feel that way), and this is just a possibly. The thing is though, without the comp result I may not have gotten this far so I decided that yes, this is the furthest step I’ve managed to take and I hope it is the first of many more.

Here’s to perseverance and hope in the sometimes slow moving worlds of publishing and bringing your story (or any creative endeavour) before the eyes of others.

My Writing Brain

Over the last couple of weeks at work I tried taking a notebook with me to the register so I could write when it was quite. I managed a little not a lot, in a way though I have to say I viewed this as a success. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get into writing anything longer than a few thousand words and so even writing snippets for my second fantasy novel has been a good thing. In some ways I feel I should be able to do more and so I feel disappointed in myself. On the other hand I know I’ve been putting so much time and effort into reviewing and establishing the website that something had to give, and to be perfectly honest with all that was going on at work it has been particularly difficult to find myself in any sort of head space to write especially anything even remotely useful.

So now I find myself having a week off in which I had planned to knuckle down and find my writing brain, unfortunately I didn’t realise until about a week ago that my week off was the first week of the school holidays, so I guess I may have to be content with a few more baby steps in the right direction. I am confident I will find it though it would help if I had a map.


Another Week

It is very tempting to not write anything this week, mostly because there is nothing good to say. Or at least that is how it feels.

Work has been tough and sad, it is so sad watching the section I put so much time into collapsing down to nothing. It’s also sad watching the rest of the store disintegrate as well. Then there are all the silly customers who thing we want to answer the same three questions all the time; ‘are you closing?’ ‘when?’ ‘why?’. Then there are the annoying ones who say things like ‘where are you going to be able to work after this?’ It’s none of their business but so far I’ve restrained from saying anything particularly rude.

I have almost finished one of my short stories for a submission. That’s on the good side. On the bad side my submission for my novel has been rejected and while I know that is a large part of the business it came at a really stressful time for me. Also I’ve been contemplating that, while I feel strongly about my YA project I wonder if I may not be better off letting it go. That’s the thing about writing, sometimes you really have to just let go of some ideas that you really like.

I will not give up. I haven’t yet and I’m not sure I know how but right now I’m feeling a bit down. The highlight of my week has been the good stuff that has been happening with TheKylieVerse. I have also done a lot of really good reading lately and that’s not a bad thing. I love Tamora Pierce, Michael Pryor and Ally Carter among other authors but these three have made this week better, so thank you guys.


While I have been focussing on my kid’s site and working on my YA novel, I have been battling a feeling of rejection and failure. I still believe in myself. I still believe I can do it. I am still very passionate about writing. The thing is more and more authors are getting published younger, or at least it seems that way. So far my writing has gained ‘we like it but not enough to do anything with’, responses.

Well in the words of  Jason Nesmith ‘Never give up, never surrender’.

In honour of that concept here is a little article that gives me the faith to continue and know there is always hope.