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Cover Reveal


I am so stoked today as I get to show you all the cover for my first book. I am so thankful for the artistic people in my life whose talents have made this possible. The artwork was done by Rob S who by the way is an awesome tattoo artist, and the cover was put together by Peter B, who put all the elements together way better than I ever could have.

I have also started an author page on Facebook, look it up and follow my antics. I will also shortly be uploading some short stories to Wattpad.

The game is totally afoot now.

My first day at the festival was spent at the Publishing Seminar. I’m not really sure quite what I expected from this but I don’t think it was what I got. Then again I’m not sure what I got.

It was broken into three sessions : 1st – From the publishers viewpoint; 2nd – Manuscript assessment and Agent; 3rd – A publisher, author/editor and a publicist.

I suppose if you were thinking about writing something it would have been incredibly informative. For someone like me though (who has been long-listed and living and breathing books for as long as I have) there wasn’t a lot of new information. I suppose it’s not really a bad thing to have what you know reinforced.

The day was admirably chaired by Angela Meyer, who did a fine job handling (not that that sounds like a flattering word) both the speakers and the audience.

The speakers in each session did work well together.

I suppose even with knowing better, I subconsciously expected some piece of information to jump out and make me go ‘ahha! that’s what I’ve been missing’. Foolish I know.

I feel the day was a well rounded introduction to the world of publishing that would have given some aspiring/emerging (seems to be the word) author an idea and even a bit of a wake up in regards to what is involved in getting published.