I am about to have my third day of work, so 36 hrs of work in 3 days. The pay off is that I’m about to have 3 days off after tomorrow. This is a great thing.

Of course it would be a better thing if I could get up on my days off, do my workout and sit in front of my computer for, oh I don’t know 6 hours and just write.

Now see that would be awesome.

Hasn’t happened yet though.

On the upside I have actually been managing to write not just on my days off but also the days I’ve done 12 hour shifts. I’m pretty pleased about this.

The big thing for me of course is the question, will I get this structural edit done this year? A question followed closely by will it be good enough to be published (one way or another?) I am not above self publishing electronically. In this day and age it would be silly to dismiss it.

There is a part of me though that really wants to be published traditionally. I know it’s a lot to do with the fact that this was my dream for such a long time. I wanted to be a published author before the first e-reader was around (not that that was really all that long ago).

So you lovely and possibly strange people out there : if your dream is publication, does it matter what format it comes out in?

Oh and while I’m asking questions does anyone know if I will get this rewrite done this year?