I did it. I took 8 days off, well it became 9 because of a family thing, but it has served it’s purpose. Of course the main purpose was to spend some quality time with the family, which included bowling and theme parks and home-made pizza. The other main purpose of taking some time was to try and get back into the rhythm of writing. I am happy to say that it has happened. I have written quite a bit and my pile of snippets and notes has decreased as I’m starting to put things in place.

There is a flow happening and it feels really good. Of course the silly thing is that it really flows late at night when I am supposed to be getting ready for bed. I am adjusting though. Because I write by hand in a book (yes I know how incredible old fashioned) I don’t get to encourage myself with updated word counts until it makes it to the computer for what is essentially the second draft. I’m okay with that though because for me the creative process works better with a pen in my hand.

I really love the process of writing. I mean really writing not just hitting keys on a keyboard. I love the flow of ink, I like looking back over a page and seeing the different styles of writing; the precise neat lines, the loopy scrawling lines and even the ones filled with shorthand. For some reason I don’t understand, nor do I much care why, the creativity flows better for me if I keep it old school. It is easier for me to break a writers block time with paper and pen in my hands than it is sitting in front of a white screen. That may of course be to do with the fact that the internet can be so very distracting and it’s so easy to say, ‘oh I just need to check in here’, or ‘I should just look into this for the sake of accuracy’.

Maybe this makes my process longer than some people’s but the truth is I don’t care and I couldn’t write what I do if I had to do it all onto the computer. Sure I change things and add things when I put my first draft into the machine that’s why it becomes a second draft but I also don’t actually plan my novel or story out before I write it. Often my story surprises me and I like that too. It could be that that is why the creative flow of pen and paper works so well for me.

The thing is though, not to get bogged down on the how but focus instead on the fact the story is coming along nicely. I like where I am right now. Hopefully now I’ve taken to time to refocus and get some stuff really flowing it will continue to flow when I make it back to work this week.

Be thinking of me and may the muse continue to inspire you.