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Oh My Glob!!!


Wow! I totally had no idea that I’d neglected this page for so long. That is simply terrible. For myself not so much for anyone else. This is my writing blog. The one that details my journey and, let’s be honest, my geeky stuff as well. If I can’t regularly add to this how am I going to manage when I’m published and needing to keep a profile as an author. Of course that is the hopefully vain part of me that dreams that someone will care. A girl has to dream right.


Where did I leave things?

June Nova and a signed contract. Both great things. Now six months have passed and what has changed? Nothing and a whole heap. November bought another Nova tour. Yay!!! These events are my stress relief. They give me the chance to catch up with friends from around the country and shmoose with people I admire from various reactive pursuits and pretend they will remember me the following day. It’s okay I know they won’t but I’m a writer I spend a large amount of time living in a fantasy land.

12279208_10208499849113168_8893095336609938655_nYou may wonder though, how the chaos and busyness of a weekend convention, where I barely get to eat sometimes and grab pee breaks when I can find a minute, can be considered stress relief. Well when you have a day job that many would consider one of the most stressful out there, any kind of change is a relief. Plus I get fun stories and sometimes ever funner (it is a thing now) pics.

12305998_896270337135300_2107145663_nWriting takes up a chunk of my spare time. I have finished my first run though of book two. Even though my intention had been to step away from Evayn and her story for a while and work on something different. The story it seemed had other ideas. It simply would not let me go. I’m not sure whether that was because it was the most unformed part of the whole thing and I had a whole heap of world building to do, or because the characters weren’t ready for a holiday yet. Whatever the reason, the second act is now loosely formed and I’m happy with it.

Now I’ve finally been released to step away from them and have completed three short stories for a friend who wanted to collaborate on a project. The worst part of it all is I’ve written them and sent them off and now I’m waiting for a response. That as we all know is the worst part. What if he doesn’t like them? What if they really don’t fit his interpretation of the very loose parameters he gave me? What if?


I’m not sure how much that matters though. Well it does and it doesn’t. See writing is really very complicated in it’s simplicity. Full of double meaning and both sides of coins. It matters in that I really do want him to like them. I want him to feel they are useful for the project. On the other hand though, I am really happy with the stories and have a special place in my heart for the characters I created. So yes,it does matter if he likes them, but also it doesn’t.

Confused yet? I probably am, but that is pretty normal for me.

Now those stories are doing what they will in the ether I have begun working on a different project. I’m finding it fun and interesting and not at all sure where it will take me story wise. I have an overall view of it in my head but it is very unformed. How it all shakes out in the end will, hopefully be a very interesting journey for me.

So I have finally done another post, hopefully with this new year, all its potential and all my plans (and a book launch baby!) I will maintain this page in a better manner than last year. That is about as close as I have come to any kind of New Years resolution.

Take care peeps. Enjoy your journey.

Man I Can’t Keep Up

I just can’t seem to keep on top of certain things as the moment. This studying thing kinda has knobs on it. You might think I would have more time to write and stuff but no. The thing is my study is actually the first three months of a traineeship, so I’m doing more hours, plus study and I’m rehearsing a play. With all that’s going on I wonder why I committed to doing the latter, there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

All is not lost though. Someone sent me deets for a short story competition and my ideas partner and I have bounced around an idea that we think is cool. I’ve even written some of it. I have also decided on it’s format and title. All in all not bad.

My problem is the deadline is in less than a week and I just can’t bring myself to sit at my computer and put it all together.

Sometimes everything is there but the final little bit of motivation all because you are so worn out from doing other things. I’ll let you know if I actually get around to finishing it on time.

Writing Variety

I think my last blog was as I was heading into my week off. Well that has definitely been and gone. I hit my target, and if I have said that I’m sorry, I just can’t be bothered starting this then going back to check again what my last post was.

So hitting the target was a great thing for me, it got a heap of notes off my desk and believe me this can’t have been a bad thing as there was so many of them.

Since then I have started training for my new job. It is strange being back in a classroom situation. I’m just not used to it but fortunately some of the skills have come back quickly, I suppose I never really let a lot of them go because I do still do a lot of research and the like.

Anyway, I don’t really have anytime for writing at the moment and that’s proving to be a bit tough. What’s tougher though is I have no time for reading. I’ve gone from reading a book a day (albeit a bunch of those were kids books of various age categories) to reading maybe, if I am lucky one a week. Oh and The Lorax four or five times a week because that is my youngest’s fave book at the moment. I tell you what, this not having time to read feels really strange.

I think though the answer may have come my way, a friend sent me details for a short story comp. These pop up all the time in all sorts of places and I never really was able to get the hang of them, and because I struggled with the style I never really saw a reason for doing them. I have though changed my opinion on that matter. Short story comps are a great way to blast throw the cobwebs in your mind, to challenge yourself and to get yourself in practice for hitting deadlines.

Find them, if a topic piques your interest give it a shot. It’s good practice really it is.

The Road Is Long

The road to getting published, for many of us, is a long one and not a particularly easy one. It is a road I have been trudging down for a good many years now. I’m not about to give up. I’d like to think I’m closer to my destination than the beginning, over half way that it.

Without a question the publishing industry is in a major state of change. This is both good and bad news for some one like me. It means if I decide to, there are other options for me than traditional publishing. The down side of this is that a lot of people are self publishing and there is a danger of a lot of crap being out there. With e-publishing anyone who has ever thought they should write a book can now publish one, the problem with that is they often don’t pay attention to the stages a book would go through with traditional publishing. Things like proper editing.

That aside it is still an appealing option especially when you consider the monetary split. There is also another thing worth looking at, e-publishing gives authors the opportunity to publish formats that traditional publishers won’t look at. Specifically I am thinking about novellas or novelettes. I have a story idea that I’m adapting from something I’d already written and it’s not enough to be a novel but I’m sure I can write about 20-30 000 words. In the modern publishing industry I could e-publish it for $0.99 and get about $0.70 for each copy sold.

I think this is a section of digital publishing that is really going to expand and I think this may be something I can make a little money from. Any little amount of money I can make is a good amount, and also means I could finally call myself a published author.

I’m still working on my novels, but sometimes you just have to put aside the big project and work on something else to clear the cobwebs out and this gives me a goal for those smaller projects. The future is what you make it and I want to make the most of it.

I’ve Done It Again

Yes, though not to quite the extreme that I have done before.

Yes I have allowed a deadline to creep up on me. It’s all good though. I’ve had a lot of trouble motivating myself to write, what with all that’s going on at work (or lack there of ) hoping I can find a new job and all that goes with it.

On the plus side, this time the story I’m submitting is one I’ve already started, in fact it’s almost written, or at least the draft is. It also is a story that has been flitting around in the back of my mind while all the rest of everything has been going on.

I’ve also done some great reading lately; Abandon by Meg Cabot, Moment of Truth and Hour of Need by Michael Pryor, The Magicians by Lev Grossman. Reading is a great balm to the circumstances, though I am wondering if my sugar (chocolate) intake has increased.

Holding On

Wow, I didn’t realise it had been so long since I had blogged. I am a week out, thought it was only two but it’s three.

In those three weeks, I have finished the run of the play I was doing and gotten stuck back into work. Other great news is I’m starting to get books to review sent to me which for me is huge news. On the down side I’m still no better at the whole house work thing.

As for the ridiculous deadline I set for myself, well that went out the window. I was really committing to too many things. Not good. It has also got to be said that if I tried to stick the end result would be terrible and this project means too much to me.

In the mean time though I did hit a different deadline, another short story comp. I ended up writing something quite different for me, I’m more into fantasy than sci-fi but somehow I ended up writing this with bigger sci-fi themes. I was quite happy with my end result and hubby wants to know what happens next. I think that is a good sign.

So in between work, trying not to be a pain to my family and the review site I am still getting writing done. I cannot wait for the day I get paid for writing but in the meantime life goes on and I keep holding on to hope.

Refocus and New Start

This week has been really tough. My baby went in for surgery, and I had opening night for a play I was really having trouble finding the character I was supposed to be playing. I knew why I was having trouble but I couldn’t seem to find my way around it, until last night. Thankfully opening night hit and though I was tired and just wasn’t sure how it would work I hit it and hit it hard. I found her and the director was very happy with my portrayal. Cue big sigh of relief.

My baby is doing pretty well post op, just thought I should add that.

Now onto my topic for today – refocus.

I know what I want to do, I’m just not sure how I’m going to quite get there. Before I start refocusing on my writing I think I probably need to start somewhere completely different. I need to clean up my office, that really is to say I need to do all my folding. I’ve got weeks worth of clean clothes to put away. Sometimes this housework thing really gets on top of me. I try but I find it so difficult to keep up with it. It is really ridiculous.

Once I’ve done that I’m hoping to feel a bit more something; organised or focused or even just that I’m capable of doing something. Then I can get my teeth stuck into some writing. I have my YA project to finish and I’m setting myself a totally unreasonable deadline in order to focus myself on it. Let’s face it though last time I set myself what I thought was a pretty difficult target I hit it and did it quite well. Also there is a couple of short story ideas floating around in the back of my head. I may put my headphones on at the theatre tonight and try an get some writing done. Of course if that fails all is not lost because there is always plenty of reading to do, I’m half way through a few books that I really must get done. The reviews wont wait forever.

So now I have a plan, all I need to do it avoid the playstation and stop procrastinating about the laundry.


This has been a busy week for me, so much to do at work and then at home with the book site. On top of that I have rehearsals and my munchkins have started saying I don’t spend enough time with them. Something I try to rectify but sometimes suck at. At the mo though I am waiting. I could say a thousand times that it doesn’t matter how the short story comp turns out but truthfully I would like to place. It wasn’t such a big thing after I submitted I just let it go but some how I seem more invested now. We try to tell ourselves that it doesn’t matter how these things turn out. We try to prepare ourselves for the let down, or the rejection but truthfully what we really want to hear is the good news.

I will let you know what happens.


I got online today to discover that a YA short story I submitted to a competition last week has been shortlisted. I was so thrilled. If you are so inclined you can check out my story here, and the rest of the shortlist here.