Okay so I know I’m terrible, I was planning to finish my writer’s festival blogs and haven’t. Thursday night I ended up going to the theatre and last night I actually put in time with hubby. Today we bought and assembled a loft bed for Miss ‘about to be’ 8 – it took us 4 hrs. On the upside it has a bed, bookshelves, drawers, a desk and a wooden ladder. It is very cool.

So the long and short of it is I haven’t finished piecing together the last of the festival stuff. However I will briefly talk about the Feast of Words, which is where I was this time last week.

When I got there I wasn’t in the best frame of mind. I was feeling out of place and shaky in my conviction of being a writer. When I got to my seat it was to discover I had no little gift like everyone else had, no-one sitting opposite me, no menu and no butter knife. I asked for some of these things to be fixed only to be told, ‘sorry we have run out’. What? How can you run out of things for a function where people are paying over $100 a ticket (I was glad it was work’s money not mine).

The night was salvaged by the lovely, fun young woman sitting diagonally opposite from me. She was a real joy to share a meal with. (Not to mention she found some empty settings and stole me a one of the setting gifts). There also turned out to be an advantage to having no-one sitting opposite me – entre and dessert came out on platters which meant with only 3 of us to share it we got a little extra each.

I didn’t know what I was eating, it looked fancy and tasted pretty good. The authors (Armistead Maupin, Joanne Harris, Adam Ross and Simon Armitage) were all eloquent and it was a pleasant experience being read to between courses. I’d have to say it wasn’t a bad evening all in all, and it’s not very often I get to eat food like that.

And to kept the fractured nature of this entry going I will let you know I have been working madly on reviews for books in the hope that I would get the new site up and happening this weekend. I guess we’ll have to see how that goes. I’ll keep you informed.