Work is closing, we were told this week and the information had barely settled before the outside company rep had come in and started putting up all the tacky discount signs that make our store look like a bad warehouse rug store.

Even when you know it’s coming, news like that is a bit hard to deal with, particularly when it’s a job you really love and one where there is not exactly a lot of opportunities to find another position.

So writing hasn’t really been a priority in a week full of bad news, sickness and probably more than a little stress. I refuse to be consistently negative about this though, trying instead to look at it as an opportunity I can’t see yet. A door will open even though I don’t know how. I don’t even know how long I have a job for because there is no definite date of doors closing. It’s difficult to focus when so much is up in the air. On the up side though we are looking at options that will give me more time at home, therefore more time to write.

Maybe there will be more positive news next week.