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I Wrote This Week

Those words may seem insignificant but for me they are huge. I don’t mean I wrote a few hundred words I mean I got over a couple of thousand down. This was such a great feeling.

Just being able to start to sink myself again into Evayn and her life and to be able to give her more than a passing thought.

I’m starting to fill up again on my world, my characters, people who mean something to me, even if they don’t to anyone else yet.

Actually I probably am at a point where I need to strip everything off my desk again and reorganise it.

I am also just about ready to send off my sample to the person who is going to hopefully give me some good feedback. As writers it is hard to hand stuff over sometimes. Friends will often be kind to you (I have some good ones who are honest and wield a red pen when necessary) a complete stranger has no reason not to tell you what you’ve put in front of them is complete shit. Getting feedback like that is something that I fret a little about though to be honest I try not to. Getting good feedback though gives you a little boost. It can kickstart a lagging drive. It can help you push through the thing that is keeping you from your muse.

The hope of positive feedback still doesn’t make it easy to hand stuff over. So think of me as I take that somewhat difficult step this week.

I will keep you up dated, even if it is just to say “I suck….and I am throwing a pity party”, then I’ll snap out of it and get on with the real task of putting pen to paper (fingers to keyboard).


Silly Season

I love christmas, I love buying presents for my family. I love giving gifts. I don’t love working in retail at christmas. I don’t love the people who leave their gift shopping till so close to christmas then get pissy that what they want isn’t in stock. They also seem to think that that they can get it online, so close to christmas. Not necessarily so.

Still stupid things from work aside, I’m happy to say I’m still writing. I still have loads of reading to catch up on and I mean loads but I am still managing to get pen to paper. I’ve got to say again thank you NaNo. I mean it really did give me the focus to write again and once that flow was re-established it is still there. Such a relief I’ve got to say. I’m still inspired to write a couple of projects and I’m pretty much getting something written everyday. Maybe not a lot but something is better than nothing.

Also some crap has been going on so in some ways there has been the pressure to forget the passion, to stop the writing and find a way to spend my time that provides better money. I can’t not write. I know I can’t. But there are times…

I’m sure you know what I mean.


Another Week

It is very tempting to not write anything this week, mostly because there is nothing good to say. Or at least that is how it feels.

Work has been tough and sad, it is so sad watching the section I put so much time into collapsing down to nothing. It’s also sad watching the rest of the store disintegrate as well. Then there are all the silly customers who thing we want to answer the same three questions all the time; ‘are you closing?’ ‘when?’ ‘why?’. Then there are the annoying ones who say things like ‘where are you going to be able to work after this?’ It’s none of their business but so far I’ve restrained from saying anything particularly rude.

I have almost finished one of my short stories for a submission. That’s on the good side. On the bad side my submission for my novel has been rejected and while I know that is a large part of the business it came at a really stressful time for me. Also I’ve been contemplating that, while I feel strongly about my YA project I wonder if I may not be better off letting it go. That’s the thing about writing, sometimes you really have to just let go of some ideas that you really like.

I will not give up. I haven’t yet and I’m not sure I know how but right now I’m feeling a bit down. The highlight of my week has been the good stuff that has been happening with TheKylieVerse. I have also done a lot of really good reading lately and that’s not a bad thing. I love Tamora Pierce, Michael Pryor and Ally Carter among other authors but these three have made this week better, so thank you guys.

I’ve Done It Again

Yes, though not to quite the extreme that I have done before.

Yes I have allowed a deadline to creep up on me. It’s all good though. I’ve had a lot of trouble motivating myself to write, what with all that’s going on at work (or lack there of ) hoping I can find a new job and all that goes with it.

On the plus side, this time the story I’m submitting is one I’ve already started, in fact it’s almost written, or at least the draft is. It also is a story that has been flitting around in the back of my mind while all the rest of everything has been going on.

I’ve also done some great reading lately; Abandon by Meg Cabot, Moment of Truth and Hour of Need by Michael Pryor, The Magicians by Lev Grossman. Reading is a great balm to the circumstances, though I am wondering if my sugar (chocolate) intake has increased.

An End and a Beginning

Work is closing, we were told this week and the information had barely settled before the outside company rep had come in and started putting up all the tacky discount signs that make our store look like a bad warehouse rug store.

Even when you know it’s coming, news like that is a bit hard to deal with, particularly when it’s a job you really love and one where there is not exactly a lot of opportunities to find another position.

So writing hasn’t really been a priority in a week full of bad news, sickness and probably more than a little stress. I refuse to be consistently negative about this though, trying instead to look at it as an opportunity I can’t see yet. A door will open even though I don’t know how. I don’t even know how long I have a job for because there is no definite date of doors closing. It’s difficult to focus when so much is up in the air. On the up side though we are looking at options that will give me more time at home, therefore more time to write.

Maybe there will be more positive news next week.