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Oh My Glob!!!


Wow! I totally had no idea that I’d neglected this page for so long. That is simply terrible. For myself not so much for anyone else. This is my writing blog. The one that details my journey and, let’s be honest, my geeky stuff as well. If I can’t regularly add to this how am I going to manage when I’m published and needing to keep a profile as an author. Of course that is the hopefully vain part of me that dreams that someone will care. A girl has to dream right.


Where did I leave things?

June Nova and a signed contract. Both great things. Now six months have passed and what has changed? Nothing and a whole heap. November bought another Nova tour. Yay!!! These events are my stress relief. They give me the chance to catch up with friends from around the country and shmoose with people I admire from various reactive pursuits and pretend they will remember me the following day. It’s okay I know they won’t but I’m a writer I spend a large amount of time living in a fantasy land.

12279208_10208499849113168_8893095336609938655_nYou may wonder though, how the chaos and busyness of a weekend convention, where I barely get to eat sometimes and grab pee breaks when I can find a minute, can be considered stress relief. Well when you have a day job that many would consider one of the most stressful out there, any kind of change is a relief. Plus I get fun stories and sometimes ever funner (it is a thing now) pics.

12305998_896270337135300_2107145663_nWriting takes up a chunk of my spare time. I have finished my first run though of book two. Even though my intention had been to step away from Evayn and her story for a while and work on something different. The story it seemed had other ideas. It simply would not let me go. I’m not sure whether that was because it was the most unformed part of the whole thing and I had a whole heap of world building to do, or because the characters weren’t ready for a holiday yet. Whatever the reason, the second act is now loosely formed and I’m happy with it.

Now I’ve finally been released to step away from them and have completed three short stories for a friend who wanted to collaborate on a project. The worst part of it all is I’ve written them and sent them off and now I’m waiting for a response. That as we all know is the worst part. What if he doesn’t like them? What if they really don’t fit his interpretation of the very loose parameters he gave me? What if?


I’m not sure how much that matters though. Well it does and it doesn’t. See writing is really very complicated in it’s simplicity. Full of double meaning and both sides of coins. It matters in that I really do want him to like them. I want him to feel they are useful for the project. On the other hand though, I am really happy with the stories and have a special place in my heart for the characters I created. So yes,it does matter if he likes them, but also it doesn’t.

Confused yet? I probably am, but that is pretty normal for me.

Now those stories are doing what they will in the ether I have begun working on a different project. I’m finding it fun and interesting and not at all sure where it will take me story wise. I have an overall view of it in my head but it is very unformed. How it all shakes out in the end will, hopefully be a very interesting journey for me.

So I have finally done another post, hopefully with this new year, all its potential and all my plans (and a book launch baby!) I will maintain this page in a better manner than last year. That is about as close as I have come to any kind of New Years resolution.

Take care peeps. Enjoy your journey.

As Things Stand

Wow. For ages I’ve been meaning to add another post to here and somehow things just keep getting away from me. There was holidays, Christmas, actually catching up with people and plenty of writing.
If you know me at all you’d know just what a big deal the catching up with people thing is. It’s not that I don’t like my friends it’s just part of me is introverted and actually getting me out of the house to catch up with people can be a big thing, I really have to put myself into the right headspace to do it. I even know I’ll have a good time when I do but somehow the making plans and following through can be a bit tough. The only time I have no problem is when I’m hitting SupaNova and catching up with my geeky/nerdy family or when I’m in a theatre show.
Also there is the thing that I’ve so much on my plate, I’m working on several writing projects at the moment so that takes up quite a bit of my headspace.
I’m excited about the first book which is finished and with a publisher, the waiting part is long and hard but it is simply a necessary part of the process. Also part of the process is realising there are a few things I need to tweak so it fits better with book two, which I am working on as you read.
Sure I could self publish, many people make a wonderful success of that these days. There is a thing though about actually being picked up by a publisher, having someone else believe in your work enough to say, ‘hey we’ll take a chance on this’. The other thing is that self publishing takes time, if you do it properly and right now my life is so very full. As well as book two and a couple of short stories, I’m training to stay fit, to learn better and fun stuff to include in my fight sequences, I work at being a good parent (for those of you whom that comes easily too I hope you realise how blessed you are). I am also still cranking in the hours at the regular job, fortunately I have a job I enjoy, which puts me in a better place than a great number of people. And there are always more books to read.
So all things considered life is busy and good and one day soon I’ll be able to announce a publication date. What an awesome day that will be.
For any writers out there, just keep writing. Writing is a journey and an interesting one at that.

Life is an Awfully Big Adventure

Well it is if you want it to be I suppose.
And I want it to be.
I love my family. I love my wacked out, crazy and at times surreal life. Of all things that could happen one of the things I would hate to become is boring.
Don’t get me wrong, some parts of my life are incredibly boring.
A writers life can be, at times, very solitary, even when you have a family and a full time job. I’m simply not much of one for going out and partying. I would much rather stay home and curl up with my hubby watching something, with my head stuck in a good book, or with a pen in hand and a notebook in front of me. I like it like this but others would find it boring.
Of course for me writing is anything but. Writing gives me the chance to escape into some amazing and fantastical places and situations. I also like to practically choreograph my fight sequences and I am blessed with a hubby who is more than happy to work on that stuff with me. On any random night we could be working out some unarmed combat, a knife fight or a sword fight. So I suppose it’s not always boring.
Life though continues to be fun though. It can be exhausting and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I work in a high stress job and I play in the land of celebrity and pop culture.
Volunteering at SupaNova is an amazing thing for me. I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful actors and voice actors. I have some fun stories to tell. I have also been blessed to see fans meeting their favourite performers, it can be an incredibly touching thing. I would dare anyone to meet Peter Cullen (the voice of Optimus Prime and Eeyore), watch him with his fans and not become one yourself. I even now have a favourite dwarf. I have seen people cry and scream with delight. Say what you will about fan boys and girls but indulging in their fandom is an adventure for them and they will get the chance to say they have had moments of great joy.
It is also through this that I have made some incredible friends. In fact for me they have become very much another family to me. They get me, well bits of me that other people may not understand. That could be the key.
In some ways many of us strive to be understood. We may say we want to be accepted but acceptance comes from understanding. Work people in my life understand parts of me, they allow me to be freer in regards to some parts of my personality than other work environments have. Let’s face it I do rather like the word ‘no’, and many jobs don’t like you using that word. Theatre people and Nova people understand the dramatic, and sometimes fangirly side of me. Of course people from both those sides accept the other side of me and it is that acceptance that really allows me to be free to enjoy the adventure in my life.
On nights like this I realise just how lucky I am. I wouldn’t say I have a lot of close friends but the ones I have are special. For those who have come into my life and who have opened their arms and accepted me, for all my quirks, moods and eccentricities, I thank you. As this year draws to an end and a new one begins, with the promise of some awesome new adventures, I look forward to sharing these with them.

And Time Flies

So, I have been flat out busy. Work, SupaNova and writing. It is awesome and I am now on leave, which means more writing can get done. That is awesome. I am really looking forward to it. Quality time with my family and plenty of time to sink into a fantasy world or three. I have three story ideas to play with and loads of reading to catch up on.
Then of course there is Christmas.
I will of course write a proper post or four while I’m not juggling work along with everything else. So stay tuned.

Long Past Due

So SupaNova was weeks ago and I said I’d write about but somehow I got to here and I haven’t done.
I have been so busy with my writing. Which is a good thing believe me.
The June ‘Nova tour was awesome. It was always going to be, I can’t tell you how many of us were so excited when John Barrowman announced that he was coming. That was a huge draw card, Stan Lee was big for Sydney and that was one reason for me to do the double but seriously John Barrowman was in my top 5 of all time, celebs that I wanted to meet. Was it worth it…
What do you think?
Seriously though try these for size:IMG_0947




Yeah I know awesome right!!!

It wasn’t all Barrowman, there were plenty of other awesome people.




Then there were my Perth pics:


Of course these people were only part of the reason that ‘Nova is such a big thing for me, the real reason is these guys

For me ‘Nova has become a group of people I catch up with several times a year, who I have a bunch in common with. They are people who accept that part of me that embraces the fantastical, that wanders through the make believe. I love my weekends with these people.
The best bit is it fuels me.
As a writer there are ebbs and flows in the process. I suppose when you’re a published author you have deadlines to keep you in line. When you’re like me and just working towards that goal there are only self imposed deadlines. And to an extent they work. It can be hard to constantly be self-motivated though and we all need things in our lives that refresh, reinvigorate us. For me acting and ‘Nova fill that roll, though it’s been too long since I’ve been on stage. At the moment I’m refreshed and part of that is to do with ‘Nova, another part is to do with the fact that someone really likes what I’ve written so far and sometimes a positive word is all it takes to ignite a fire under your butt.

Thank you everyone from ‘Nova you are awesome and I hope you know it.

So Many Things

So many things to write about and just no time at the moment.
The first and foremost reason for that is the last two weekends were spent indulging my geeky nature as a vollie at SupaNova. I spent time in the photo booth in both Sydney and Perth and met some amazing individuals. I’ll post about that in more detail when I have time to upload my have pics.
Also I have possibly have some exciting news, I hope. If all the stars align and it does become real news then I will definitely keep you updated.
For the moment though I really have to get my head down and my fingers flying across the keyboard.
If dreams are to come true I am a firm believer in the fact that you have to work hard for them. Sure some people don’t, but with most of us, you never see the blood, the sweat and the tears. Believe me dreams are built of all three.

It’s That Time

It certainly is. It is SupaNova windup time.
Last weekend I had the pleasure of volunteering at a SupaNova interstate.
I’m sure there are heaps of people who wonder why on earth I would do that, but here’s the thing, I’m not the only one who did it.
SupaNova is one crazy family spread across the land of Australia. The people who vollie are awesome.
It is no secret though that this round of the con was plagued with some last minute cancellations that just couldn’t be replaced but you know what… So What!. It was still a wonderful time and the celebs were great.
My voice wasn’t as tested as my home Nova as the crowds weren’t quite as vocal but that doesn’t mean they didn’t enjoy themselves, I heard some wonderful feedback about the event. Me I had some really fun times.
So lets start with the obligatory signed photos.

This one is just going to wait now until I can have some other autographs added to it then it will be truly awesome.


And now I’ve started a Middle Earth Collection (this one has the potential to get ridiculously big). Bring on Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch oh and Sean Bean and the awesome Viggo – a girl can always dream.




Also the problem with going to these events and having actually had your first photo taken with someone means you kind of feel the need to add to that collection. (Or maybe that is just me.) Of course it is worse when you have a picture with one person from a favourite show because if you haven’t already started a show collection it can be easier to say to yourself ‘I can’t really afford that this time.’ Sadly for me I have an addictive personality, as my hubby can attest to (fortunately it manifests in geeky paraphernalia and feeling the fitness burn) which means now I’ve started it’s way easier to say, ‘just one more’ than, ‘I really shouldn’t’.






The thing is I get that actors have to work and sometimes have to cancel, in no way do I begrudge them that and I don’t see why people do, the actors don’t belong to us (their fans), they have to work, they have bills to pay and families to look after. I think we should just learn to enjoy the ones who can make our con circuit, and lets face it some of them may surprise you. Mark Addy was such a wonderful man, so friendly and fun, I was waiting for the next line to start for the photo booth and was dancing to some random song I could here and he started grooving behind his signing desk along with me. Was a fun and abstract highlight.


I also get to meet some writers, and this cheeky fellow is Jay Kristoff, to my total amusement we were staying in the same hotel and though the temptation to stalk him may have been there I totally behaved myself and stayed civilised, you may never know what that cost me.

There is another highlight to the con. My con family. I have met people just as happy to be called fan boys and girls as I am. People just as crazy about some things as I am. In this case though I’m not just talking about those who attend the con but they can be pretty awesome; for example I’ve had people buy me throat lozenges because they know I’ll be spending a second day shouting and encouraging them to get excited, I’ve also been sung to and laughed with. But no, I’m not just talking about them, I’m talking about you crazies who volunteer your time to make sure the con can go ahead. You know who you are. I am particularly fond of those who I get to work with in the photo booth. Our boss is awesome and we are a team, together we have fun and make sure everyone gets the chance to get pics with who they want. My con family is a place I feel at home away from home. I love it.

PS I did manage to get some writing done too. Not much I admit but a few words is better than no words, I’m sure you will agree.

SupaNova ’13

Well it was most awesome.
That really sums it up.
I didn’t work the bookstall this year. Me I volunteered, I had thought maybe my experience in dealing with difficult people would mean I might get to be a PA, but that’s really the top, only experienced people get to do that. So I was pretty happy when I ended up working in the photo booth. I figured I’d get to see most of the celebs a bit and I was supposed to be able to get to two seminars.
Imagine my slight disappointment then when I discovered I would be so busy volunteering that I wouldn’t get to any seminars. However there was a big bonus right from the beginning. I really liked H, the lady running the photo booth. I thought right from the beginning that working with her would be huge amounts of fun.
Turns out I was right.
Conventions are great fun. They give me the chance to indulge the geek part of myself that is sometimes not really able to be let loose. I got to briefly meet one of my fav all time writers, Raymond E Feist.
Also met Jay Kristoff and got him to sign my books – didn’t get a pic with him though and wish I’d had to think of asking for one.
Then of course was this:
Knights 4
My teen self thoroughly geeked out at this:
Hoff 1
My Firefly fangirl loved this:
WashA 1
And this:
Wash 1
Then who doesn’t want to get strangled by a Princess:
I also got a LOTR signature:
Karl 1
So for a whole weekend I was around my own people. Shouting out instructions and trying to keep people moving and positive about the wait time. By the sunday I got applause and throat lozenges and even a song. I told a heap of people to breathe and saw more than a few tears.
I was fortunate to meet nearly all the stars. I got to speak to the Phelps twins, joke with the Merlin boys, get into a couple of group shots with the amazing guests and wonder if they had an over 6 foot height policy for the male guests (boy did I feel short), though there were a couple of a more normal height.
All up it was a flat out busy but great weekend. Made better by the fact I got to work with some awesome people – you totally know who you are guys. I am very much looking forward to next year.
Being a fangirl or a geek puts you in a community that seems rather accepting of certain eccentricities and for me that is a great thing. It means I can truly embrace the part of me that loves to escape reality and just hide elsewhere for a while.
Also being around that much positive energy and fandom is really refreshing for the creative soul at the core of me.
I love my SupaNova experience and now you all know it.
I am inspired.

My People

0xcastI had a meeting today for the upcoming SupaNova event. I’m volunteering this year because the person I was supposed to be working for is no longer able to make it over due to a sad string of events.
I thought I may know one person there today. A guy I’ve known for nearly 20 years now I come to think of it. He was there, we had the chance to have a brief hug. Then I found myself sitting next to someone I’d met at an author event over a year ago, so we got to chatting. In fact I inserted myself into a conversation she was having with someone else about NaNo before we made the connection.
That’s the thing though, I didn’t know anyone and yet I had some laughs, and some good convo about writing. Life is full of connections. You need to be open to them. At this time I’m thinking I’m going to be working a full week before the con and I’ll work all con so I’ll be pretty tired once it’s all over. I think it will be worth it though.
The con allows me to embrace that part of me that doesn’t really fit into work life. Don’t get my wrong, I love work, I often have quiet a laugh but the geeky part of me really has no place there. I can’t quote Firefly, Star Wars, or Labyrinth because no-one will know what I’m talking about. I’m okay with that though because the cheeky part of me gets plenty of workout.
princess bride 3
The geek part of me loves when it gets the chance to be let out. I love the chance to fan girl over tv actors/film actors and writers. I love being around people who know what I’m talking about if I say I’m doing NaNo this year. Or someone says ‘inconceivable’ and you reply ‘You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means’ and they laugh coz they know what you’re talking about.
We humans can often be made up of personality components but often we don’t feel comfortable revealing them to some people. It’s probably healthier though if we find ways to attend to all those aspects of ourselves. Me I have my cheeky/honest side that I can let out at work. That’s the side of me that can come out in the theatre too. I have my booky/geeky side that is seen by my friends and people who attend Cons and so on. And I have a fitness side that’s mostly kept to myself and my trainer (and those crazy few who are doing Tough Mudder with me). I also have a smoochy side that well that’s reserved for somewhere that’s not this blog.
What I’m trying to say is I think you probably get more out of life, or at least a little more happiness if you are honest with yourself about who you are. Don’t hide parts of yourself, find some way to bring them out to shine every now and then, it’s definitely worth it.