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I Haven’t Left

Not really, though with the time that has lapsed between posts it probably seems like it. There is a reason though. I think it’s pretty good but I’m not sure if others will.
June was my SupaNova month. Mid year con time and I just love it. Sometimes the experience you get from a con is so very different to what you think it might me. Some of the guests will be everything you expect, other far more and some, not at all. It all goes together to make one awesome melting pot of experience. I always love my time at con, I love my con family. For me it is a world so removed from my everyday job they should allow it be a tax deduction under stress relief.
However that is only part of why I’ve been so absent from this page. I informed my munchkins that due to their materialism Christmas presents were going to be made this year. Sounds great in theory but in practice that means I have to make stuff. Argghhh! That’s not because I can’t but because it is another time consuming thing I’ve added to my list of time consuming activities. Still I have made progress on that front I’m already well into gift three and I’ve found it not a bad counterpoint to my work day. Also I can do it whilst I’m binge watching shows so all good, two birds one stone and all that.

However that is still only part of the story. The biggest part of the story is… I’ve just signed my very first publishing contract!!!! You have no idea how much I’d like to type that in all caps, but then I’d be shouting at you, ah to hell with it…I SIGNED MY FIRST PUBLISHING CONTRACT!!!!
You have no idea how happy that makes me. Or maybe you do. I know there are plenty of dreamers out there with the same dream as me. What kept me busy though was I went back on the finished manuscript to check a few details and, as always with something you’ve put away for a while I saw things I could tweak. So I tweaked the whole 100 000+ words. Then sent it off and joy of joys got a contract back to sign.

The problem is I know that is just another step on a long road but others think that means the book will be out in a couple of months, so I’ve had to explain that no it will take a bit longer than that. Still not even that takes the shine off my news. So now I’m motoring along through book two so it will be in a really good spot by the time book one is set for release. So all in all my writing journey is progressing well and I hope to make it back here more often from now on.

What The Hell

So I keep meaning to post, every Saturday was my goal. Then when I started working shift work I was aiming for once a week and somehow it looks like I skipped an entire month here.
So I repeat, what the hell happened to the weeks?
Anyway the upside is the writing has been going awesomely well. I practically get something done everyday, whether it be words on a page, a screen or editing. The book is shaping up nicely. I am totally loving my characters, and the story.
You know one of my favourite things is when my story surprises me, or a character does. Over the course of this writing push I’ve had characters I thought would only be brief appearances pop their hands up and make me realise their part is much bigger than I first envisaged.
I long to share my book with people, but I know it isn’t ready yet. I know I have a long road to still travel and you know what, I don’t care. I want it to be good when I get to share it. I want people to love it like I do.
I have a catch up with a publisher next week.
Yeah, you get that, I just had to throw that in somewhere. It may not mean anything, it may mean something.
I sent a message to this publisher, who had asked for a sample of my work and he hadn’t got back to me yet. Now this makes any writer stress, but I’m watching the company on line and it’s so busy at the moment, I certainly can’t begrudge him getting back to me. If I need to be massaged and propped up every step of the way I really am in the wrong business. So as it was a personal contact that got me through the door I tried the personal touch again. I sent an email asking if he was going to be at an event I will be attending. He got back to me the next day (which if you bear in mind I sent it around 11pm one night that’s almost straight away right?) He said he’d love to catch up. That’s a good thing, isn’t it? If he wanted to brush me off he’d have said ‘if you get a chance drop by’, or something equally nice.
Oh hell, it’s hard not to read too much into things at times.
Anyway, I have as many things crossed as I can, but not my eyes coz then I’d probably end up having an accident of some sort and that’s the last thing I need.
As always I’ll keep writing and let you know if there’s anything good to share, make that when there is something good to share.


Wow, I really didn’t realise that it had been so long since I posted here. Things are moving along at a cracking pace. I wish I could say the same about my writing, I mean it is going but not at a cracking pace.
However I have gotten some difficult scenes out of the way and so there is flow once again on my main project. There is also movement on a couple of side projects as well. Unfortunately work interferes with my well intentioned writing plans. Life is good though and to be honest I’m happy that I am at least getting pen to paper on a regular basis and that after all is part of what makes a person a writer. I just sometimes wish there were more hours in a day. I know that I would fit more writing in if I watched less tv or movies but that is unlikely to happen, especially seeing as I often work out whilst watching the screen, and after a 12 hr shift at work I just need to tune out for a while.
I have good intentions but those good intentions are not going to get my books finished. I need to narrow my focus and finish something, anything, just one of my on going projects.
With that in mind I should probably get off here and get my head back in the game. Of course it would help I didn’t also spend time reading, but that is never going to happen.

I Am Still Writing

10-Nonfiction-Writers-Tips-ImageThe flow is still flowing. It is a great feeling when you are in a place that means if you have a few spare minutes you can pick up a pen and write a few sentences. I guess for me this is where the fact I prefer to write on paper works.
I know many prefer to put it straight into a computer these days but me… well if you’ve followed this for a while you might already know I prefer to create on paper with pen in hand. I take a notebook with me almost everywhere. It is something I have done for, a long time. I couldn’t say when I started doing it but it’s definitely been that way on and off for a good many years.
Of course I have worked in jobs where the notebook stayed in my bag and I scribbled on scrap pieces of paper, it doesn’t look so good to carry a notebook around with you if you are supposed to be doing other things.
I’m tired from work at the moment because I did an OT shift so worked 4 days in a row and that does take it out of you when you are in my line of work. Thing is though I have 2 night shifts coming up so I will get some time to write then. How else do you stay awake all night basically on call. Last night shift I got 4 pages done in amongst everything else.
Part of me wishes I could just lock myself in my room for a couple of months straight and write. I want to get this done. I am driven to finish this. Sadly though, like many journeyman writers I have to work something else to pay my bills. Still I like my life at the moment and that is something that should never be taken for granted or underestimated. Sure there is stress but there is flow and when the creative is flowing so much else just slots into place.
Happy creating.

A Year Almost Gone

This has been a pretty insane year for me what with all the changes that have been in it. I have to admit this festive season simply hasn’t been conducive to writing.

Yeah I know we all need to give ourselves a break every now and then the problem is that when I don’t write I feel guilty for wasting my time.

This is a very silly thing…probably. I work shift work, 12 hour shifts, I am a wife and mother and have three blogs and review for a fourth. In between this I need to read because two of those blogs are review sites.

I try to keep on top of it I really do.

Something has to give though because quite simply as a creative type, in fact as any working person we need to allow ourselves time to unwind. I suppose a lot or even most people don’t have a problem with this. My problem though is I still really want to be a published writer. I want to finish my books, I want to get the stories out of my head and share them with others. So how do I do all that is on my schedule?

Well I’ll let you know when I figure that one out. In fact maybe it will be something I can package and sell. Nah I know how hard it is to fit in the creative in a society that expects to be entertained but isn’t all that interested in letting the creatives have the time to create.

I will come closer to my goal this year. It is inevitable I simply have to write (when I can fit it in) and the stories don’t stop even when I don’t get to put the pen to paper.

Though I suppose I did get published in a way this year, I wrote my class graduation speech (in the form of a poem) and it impressed some people enough that it got printed in the internal magazine for the organisation I work for. That’s better than nothing right?

I Am A Writer

I was in an Employment Aptitude Session today and finished the comprehension section with plenty of time to spare so having gone over my answers I did something other than stare blankly out the window. Well to be honest it’s no surprise really, they supplied me with blank sheets of paper and what better to do with blank sheets of paper than write. There is something that has been sitting in my head for the last 24 hours and so in my spare time at my job session I wrote. What else was I supposed to do? I wrote half a page, have got two characters, a landscape and an inkling of a plot. I’d have to say that that was a productive way to spend my 10 minutes.

I guess what that really boils down to is when writing is what you think about when you wake up in the morning and before going to sleep at night, and in my case when you have a few spare minutes in a job interview, then you are a writer.