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So, it’s a finished entity.
The next stage is the scary bit. Submission. So scary in fact that I haven’t done it yet. I keep thinking of reasons not to.
What if?
I know the publisher liked the first bit, but what if he doesn’t like the rest?
What if it wasn’t what he was expecting?
What if?
So I’ve sent it to a beta reader, in the hopes that if there are any stupid mistakes at least she will pick them up before I send it.
The problem is it is a form of procrastination. Isn’t it?
It makes sense to do this, because no matter how many times you as an author go over something, you know what it is you are trying to say so you don’t always pick up all the stuff ups.
Man I just wished I knew one way or another, but I’ll have to wait and trust my beta. I want to push it and just hit the send button, but if I do that and she finds I’ve said Smith when I meant Jones and a whole section doesn’t quiet gel, I will most certainly regret it.
The waiting is not always the hardest part, but it is the hardest part at the moment.


For me in some ways there is no better way to wait than by reading some old favourites and so that is what I have been doing, my own copies of Tamora Pierce’s ‘Protector of the Small’ recently arrived, so I have been indulging and it has been glorious. Some stories and characters just have a place in your heart and for me Keladry is one of my favourite characters of all time.

The waiting however goes on and I have thrown myself into my rehearsals for the one act play. Meanwhile in the back of my mind planning for the second instalment of Evayn’s story continues. She is in my thoughts a lot and I have managed to write a few snippets of scenes as points to spring off from.

I love reading, I always will and I am particularly grateful to certain authors who have inspired me in the past and now. I have to read and I have to write that is something I simply know even while knowing the logic of the drive isn’t so – well logical.