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The Creative

So I am still writing. In fact the writing is going pretty well for the most part. Ideas are coming together, the big picture is falling into place and I really love some of my characters.
But I’m still waiting and it is hard.
I have however roped in a couple of friends to mock me up book covers. Why you may ask. The answer is simple, visualisation. I want to be able to visualise what my own book may look like. Sure it may look nothing like what they come up with for me but still it gives me something to hold onto.
Also I want to use them as props for a photo shoot I have coming up.
Things at the moment though are busy. There is work, the thing I have to do to pay the bills, whilst I dream of the day that writing will at least help with some of that and I can stop doing OT.
I still network because I believe the day will come when that will really pay off. Of course everyone that knows me will have to buy a book, I’ve told them I don’t even care if they read it, as far as I care once they’ve bought it they can use it to prop up a table if they want.
On other writing news I’ve been invited into a world and asked to collaborate. That in itself is all sorts of exciting and a little daunting. When writing for yourself you only have to please yourself with the story. When entering someone else’s world and collaborating you also have to please them. Arggghhhh! What if they don’t like the idea that seemed so very cool to me?
Self doubt, such a bitch. I’m sure most authors experience it to varying degrees. Though I can really only speak for myself.
Then, yesterday, my little miss hands me the start of a story she had just spent the last hour typing on a typewriter (yes you read that right – she has in her room an old typewriter I salvaged from when my dad died). The thing is, it was… well I know I’m her mother but it was good, really good and so far above what I’d expect a 7 year old to come up with. She handed it to me and all I could see was potential. And the need to find out what the heck happened next. Yeah the hook was that good. So now, I am determined to find the time to help her develop this as far as she wants.
There just aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes.
The problem with being so busy is finding down time.
Or more specifically when I do, when I’m flaked on the couch in front of the tv binge watching some series, I feel guilty for wasting time. The thing is though it’s not wasting time. Not really. It is easy to think it is but truthfully we all need to find time away from our projects to decompress. To just step away because if you don’t know it yet, stepping away from your own work can bring a clarity to it. You can see what has been holding you back, what isn’t working, or how to get past that thing that has helps you up for a week. Investing time in the work of other creatives can have the very effect of reinvigorating your own juices.
The other thing I like to do is walk. Running often just clears my mind, sometimes it does more but often walking gives me the chance to clear and pick at story ideas.
Sometimes you just need to do something very different, go and play a game with your kids, have coffee with friends, connect with family.
Writing can be a time demanding mistress but it does us well to remember that sometimes the best use of our time is to walk away.
Keep writing, keep believing.

The Waiting Game

The waiting game sucks, that is all.
Book two is well underway and there are a few other ideas stirring around in the back of my mind, some are even making it to paper.
Life has been very full. Sometimes the juggling game is a little tricky but the truth is I’m happy with where I am at the moment. Work is good, family are mostly happy (when the preteen isn’t moody) and writing keeps me busy and sane (or insane as the case may be).
So onward I go into the realms of my own invention.
Waiting, waiting, waiting for the day I can say I have a publication date.

And Time Flies

So, I have been flat out busy. Work, SupaNova and writing. It is awesome and I am now on leave, which means more writing can get done. That is awesome. I am really looking forward to it. Quality time with my family and plenty of time to sink into a fantasy world or three. I have three story ideas to play with and loads of reading to catch up on.
Then of course there is Christmas.
I will of course write a proper post or four while I’m not juggling work along with everything else. So stay tuned.


Where does it all go?
I know I’m not the only person who asks this question on a regular basis.
The thing is if I didn’t: watch any TV shows I’d have more time, if I didn’t read so much I’d have more time to write, if I didn’t exercise I’d have more time to write, if I didn’t work I’d have more time to write.
The only problem with that is if I didn’t work I couldn’t pay the bills. Reading, tv and movies encourage my creativity, they teach me and sometimes inspire me. Exercise stops me becoming a roly, poly, pudge monkey or something, as well as encouraging all those good things like endorphins.
I had a really good run with my writing a couple of weeks back I managed to get pages done and I was happy with what I had written. Now though I am trying to catch up on some of the many books waiting to be read and yes reviewed. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, I love reviewing books, I love the opportunity it has given me and the way it has opened me up to authors I may otherwise never have picked up.
I keep telling myself when I get a couple of days off that I’m going to get some writing done. It’s just not happening at the moment. It seems I have to shop, and clean and wash clothes and all those mundane things that keep a house going, oh and organise munchkins. I had it so much better when they weren’t doing activities.
Still the point of being a writer is to write and even when I’m not getting much done, the story is circling around in my head and I know next time I sit down with pen in hand the words will flow. For a little while at least.


Wow, I really didn’t realise that it had been so long since I posted here. Things are moving along at a cracking pace. I wish I could say the same about my writing, I mean it is going but not at a cracking pace.
However I have gotten some difficult scenes out of the way and so there is flow once again on my main project. There is also movement on a couple of side projects as well. Unfortunately work interferes with my well intentioned writing plans. Life is good though and to be honest I’m happy that I am at least getting pen to paper on a regular basis and that after all is part of what makes a person a writer. I just sometimes wish there were more hours in a day. I know that I would fit more writing in if I watched less tv or movies but that is unlikely to happen, especially seeing as I often work out whilst watching the screen, and after a 12 hr shift at work I just need to tune out for a while.
I have good intentions but those good intentions are not going to get my books finished. I need to narrow my focus and finish something, anything, just one of my on going projects.
With that in mind I should probably get off here and get my head back in the game. Of course it would help I didn’t also spend time reading, but that is never going to happen.


I’ve been really busy of late, mostly at work. 

Unfortunately life goes on and things intrude on the best laid plans. In my case; family, death, sickness and friendship. There are times the muse must be put aside and life must be seen to.

For a bit after my time off I managed to write quite consistently, but this last week and a bit it’s not gone according to plan so much.

Life though feeds us in a different way. If we are honest, even those of us who write fantasy are inspired by reality. It can sometimes be the little things that trigger amazing spurts of creativity.

Whilst I haven’t had much chance to work on my fantasy double I have had another idea that has been sitting in the melting pot that is my brain for quite a while.

It’s one of the things I love about being creative. You can’t always know where an idea will come from or where the seed will end up blooming. For me, a couple of very basic ideas have now gelled together and I have a concept for a whole other book.

Now if only I had time to get everything in my head out onto the page.

Comic Con

I had my Comic Con and it was wonderful. In fact I think it may have gotten me through what became an incredibly full on week at work. I only had thursday off.
Here are a couple of things I want to share.
General Jack O’Neil with me and hubby.RDA! 2
My fave X-Men.
Enough said.
This is a sexy, sexy man.
JMo! 1

So I added to my signed pics and started a new collection of prints from illustrators.
This was such a good day.
My week hasn’t been just getting through work on the Comic Con buzz. No I managed to find time to write. I started one day thinking about a couple of scenes I thought might be necessary. Throughout the course of the day one of those scenes became quite an extended piece of writing and a crucial moment for my characters. I felt so good at the end of that writing session. Sure I wish I had more time to work on it then but life and work goes on. The key to writing when you have another job which you are required to do to pay the bills, is write when you can and don’t push too hard. If you push too hard you will wear yourself out on many levels, everything will suffer and you will have to walk away for a while. I don’t like having to walk away so I try to get my stuff all balanced, of course that is much easier to say than do at times.

I Am Still Writing

10-Nonfiction-Writers-Tips-ImageThe flow is still flowing. It is a great feeling when you are in a place that means if you have a few spare minutes you can pick up a pen and write a few sentences. I guess for me this is where the fact I prefer to write on paper works.
I know many prefer to put it straight into a computer these days but me… well if you’ve followed this for a while you might already know I prefer to create on paper with pen in hand. I take a notebook with me almost everywhere. It is something I have done for, a long time. I couldn’t say when I started doing it but it’s definitely been that way on and off for a good many years.
Of course I have worked in jobs where the notebook stayed in my bag and I scribbled on scrap pieces of paper, it doesn’t look so good to carry a notebook around with you if you are supposed to be doing other things.
I’m tired from work at the moment because I did an OT shift so worked 4 days in a row and that does take it out of you when you are in my line of work. Thing is though I have 2 night shifts coming up so I will get some time to write then. How else do you stay awake all night basically on call. Last night shift I got 4 pages done in amongst everything else.
Part of me wishes I could just lock myself in my room for a couple of months straight and write. I want to get this done. I am driven to finish this. Sadly though, like many journeyman writers I have to work something else to pay my bills. Still I like my life at the moment and that is something that should never be taken for granted or underestimated. Sure there is stress but there is flow and when the creative is flowing so much else just slots into place.
Happy creating.

Woohoo Writing!

I did it. I took 8 days off, well it became 9 because of a family thing, but it has served it’s purpose. Of course the main purpose was to spend some quality time with the family, which included bowling and theme parks and home-made pizza. The other main purpose of taking some time was to try and get back into the rhythm of writing. I am happy to say that it has happened. I have written quite a bit and my pile of snippets and notes has decreased as I’m starting to put things in place.

There is a flow happening and it feels really good. Of course the silly thing is that it really flows late at night when I am supposed to be getting ready for bed. I am adjusting though. Because I write by hand in a book (yes I know how incredible old fashioned) I don’t get to encourage myself with updated word counts until it makes it to the computer for what is essentially the second draft. I’m okay with that though because for me the creative process works better with a pen in my hand.

I really love the process of writing. I mean really writing not just hitting keys on a keyboard. I love the flow of ink, I like looking back over a page and seeing the different styles of writing; the precise neat lines, the loopy scrawling lines and even the ones filled with shorthand. For some reason I don’t understand, nor do I much care why, the creativity flows better for me if I keep it old school. It is easier for me to break a writers block time with paper and pen in my hands than it is sitting in front of a white screen. That may of course be to do with the fact that the internet can be so very distracting and it’s so easy to say, ‘oh I just need to check in here’, or ‘I should just look into this for the sake of accuracy’.

Maybe this makes my process longer than some people’s but the truth is I don’t care and I couldn’t write what I do if I had to do it all onto the computer. Sure I change things and add things when I put my first draft into the machine that’s why it becomes a second draft but I also don’t actually plan my novel or story out before I write it. Often my story surprises me and I like that too. It could be that that is why the creative flow of pen and paper works so well for me.

The thing is though, not to get bogged down on the how but focus instead on the fact the story is coming along nicely. I like where I am right now. Hopefully now I’ve taken to time to refocus and get some stuff really flowing it will continue to flow when I make it back to work this week.

Be thinking of me and may the muse continue to inspire you.

Tempus Fugit

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I wrote anything here.

I guess when you start a new job it is easy to let things get a little away from you.

It has been really nice to transition from study to on the job but I’m still trying to settle into things, like actual days off with no kids around, which actually won’t last long because it’s nearly summer holidays.

In the time since the last entry I have given a speech that I wrote at my graduation ceremony and it was in poem form so it was a little nerve wracking. It wasn’t really the getting up and speaking that threw me it was the fact it was something I wrote and to be honest not many people do graduation speeches that are poems. Turned out ok though, I had a lot of people come up and tell me they thought it was great. I even had a PR lady ask for a copy so she could put it in an internal newsletter.

On the writing front I submitted the first 4000 words to an assessor recently and had my meeting with her last week. it is always nerve wracking (gee twice with that phrase in one entry and I nearly never use it) to give someone else your work to go over, especially when they have no invested interest. The thing is you hope for feedback, better yet you hope there is positive feedback. When I sat down with her that’s mostly what I got. She pulled out the things I already knew were my weaknesses, gave me some ideas to strengthen them and put them into context. The good thing was though that she hadn’t marked my work up that much and told me that was strange for her because she usually marked things up a lot more. She told me I had a good, fluid voice. No one has ever complimented my writing voice before so that gave me motivation to continue down this time consuming path of structural rewrite/write a complete second book.

Now with all that behind me and pushing me forward all I need to do is get used to my new roster and get into the habit of spending specific time in my office writing. Let’s face it though, it’s not the best time of year to get any new kind of structure going. Probably after Christmas then.