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I’m a little tired right now. Today has been really full on. I worked my 12 hrs yesterday but then did a bit more as OT that was tiring but it paid for one of my things at Comic Con tomorrow. I am so looking forward to that.
Yes I’ve been writing. Once I get my office sorted out I’m pretty sure I’ll get better flow happening but I’m writing a bit and any words down on the page is a good thing.
Tomorrow though is Comic Con and it will be a great way to refresh myself. How can it not be. I will spend time with like minded people, celebs from some of my fave shows and memories. The big one this year is Richard Dean Anderson. Yes that is right Capt Jack O’Neil is in town and my geek can’t wait.
Exhausted too. So exhausted in fact due to much of my day being spent working on costumes. I don’t mind though. I haven’t had time to do one for myself but that’s okay, SuperNova is still to come and I’ll hopefully be ready for that.
Thing is it is good as a writer to remember to take time to refresh yourself. Get around like minded people, get around those who can feed your creativity. Take some time out from working and just do something for you.
I expect tomorrow to be very exhausting, I probably won’t get everything done I want because well the munchkins won’t want to sit still for the panels, but you know what I don’t care. I get to feed my inner geek and fan girl and spend time with my family. It is totally going to be worth it. And I am sure I will come back refreshed.
Though chances are it would be more effective if I wasn’t working monday, I’ll take what I can get.

Man I Can’t Keep Up

I just can’t seem to keep on top of certain things as the moment. This studying thing kinda has knobs on it. You might think I would have more time to write and stuff but no. The thing is my study is actually the first three months of a traineeship, so I’m doing more hours, plus study and I’m rehearsing a play. With all that’s going on I wonder why I committed to doing the latter, there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

All is not lost though. Someone sent me deets for a short story competition and my ideas partner and I have bounced around an idea that we think is cool. I’ve even written some of it. I have also decided on it’s format and title. All in all not bad.

My problem is the deadline is in less than a week and I just can’t bring myself to sit at my computer and put it all together.

Sometimes everything is there but the final little bit of motivation all because you are so worn out from doing other things. I’ll let you know if I actually get around to finishing it on time.

Writing Variety

I think my last blog was as I was heading into my week off. Well that has definitely been and gone. I hit my target, and if I have said that I’m sorry, I just can’t be bothered starting this then going back to check again what my last post was.

So hitting the target was a great thing for me, it got a heap of notes off my desk and believe me this can’t have been a bad thing as there was so many of them.

Since then I have started training for my new job. It is strange being back in a classroom situation. I’m just not used to it but fortunately some of the skills have come back quickly, I suppose I never really let a lot of them go because I do still do a lot of research and the like.

Anyway, I don’t really have anytime for writing at the moment and that’s proving to be a bit tough. What’s tougher though is I have no time for reading. I’ve gone from reading a book a day (albeit a bunch of those were kids books of various age categories) to reading maybe, if I am lucky one a week. Oh and The Lorax four or five times a week because that is my youngest’s fave book at the moment. I tell you what, this not having time to read feels really strange.

I think though the answer may have come my way, a friend sent me details for a short story comp. These pop up all the time in all sorts of places and I never really was able to get the hang of them, and because I struggled with the style I never really saw a reason for doing them. I have though changed my opinion on that matter. Short story comps are a great way to blast throw the cobwebs in your mind, to challenge yourself and to get yourself in practice for hitting deadlines.

Find them, if a topic piques your interest give it a shot. It’s good practice really it is.

Oh Well

I just went to check the page and found I didn’t win. Still when I didn’t expect to get as far as I did I can’t consider it a waste of time. Well done to the winners.


This has been a busy week for me, so much to do at work and then at home with the book site. On top of that I have rehearsals and my munchkins have started saying I don’t spend enough time with them. Something I try to rectify but sometimes suck at. At the mo though I am waiting. I could say a thousand times that it doesn’t matter how the short story comp turns out but truthfully I would like to place. It wasn’t such a big thing after I submitted I just let it go but some how I seem more invested now. We try to tell ourselves that it doesn’t matter how these things turn out. We try to prepare ourselves for the let down, or the rejection but truthfully what we really want to hear is the good news.

I will let you know what happens.


I got online today to discover that a YA short story I submitted to a competition last week has been shortlisted. I was so thrilled. If you are so inclined you can check out my story here, and the rest of the shortlist here.

Time Flies

I can scarcely believe a whole week has gone by since my last blog, here at any rate, by book review site is fairly cranking along.

I am doing so much reading and writing for that and truthfully I love it. I just wish I had more time to write my own stuff not just reviews of others peoples. One day hopefully I’ll not have to go out to work and so my time can be more efficiently split between these two passions.

I was so pleased this week with a couple of things, firstly getting my first responses from well known people in regards to my Fast Four category, which is where I ask them four very quick questions about books. My reasoning behind this is knowing the people they look up to read may in fact encourage kids to pick up books as well.

Also I have been very busy at work making the first of my visual displays, and I’ve got to say I am really pleased with the way it turned out.

I only hope it doesn’t get trashed over the weekend, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the others turn out.

On to my writing. I’m sad to say a few weeks ago I got myself together a list of competitions and places I was planning to submit to. I had some really grand ideas of getting loads of writing done, I just had no idea how much TheKylieVerse would take over my spare time.

So now, if I get a clear enough period of time I need to dig out that list again and see how much if any of it is still feasible. Of course it doesn’t really help that we are entering into the last few weeks of rehearsal for Crimes Of The Heart and so I will be needed at most of them. I have made a decision though, with everything that is going on, and certain things that have happened, I’m pretty sure after this show my focus will be writing. I just don’t have the time to do both and it’s a decision I am feeling very comfortable with. However I guess the real test for it will be in about six months, usually after three away from the theatre I start to get a bit tetchy, around six I’m down right grumpy. Then again in six months hubby will have an album almost ready for release, so who knows what the future holds.

If you are like me and write because you have to, I guess you know that sometimes it doesn’t matter so much what you write, just that you do. So here’s to putting pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard if that’s more your style. Patience and perseverance and we will get there. I know we will. Sometimes it feels a little shaky but today I have great faith that I will get there, and if I can then I’m sure you can too.

Just For The Hell Of It

Just for the hell of it I have decided to enter a YA pitch competition hosted at YAtopia. As I follow the  blog I now just need to post this blog about entering and submit my two sentence pitch.

It’s an interesting thought, condensing a novel into two sentences. Then again it’s also a really good challenge and something I can see me printing up and putting on my board in front of me to keep me on track. So here I go, I was planing on putting a lot of time in on my writing during my two weeks off, and this gives me some major motivation to do just that.